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Post Your Hobby Here :D (Thread) - Page 6

One of ma friends sing! what do you think of song & voice? :D

So, my current obsessions this week are knitting and singing. Also, practicing my dance routines and workouts.

I promised to sing and belly dance for a few friends who say they wanna see how good I am.

I am also practicing the soundtrack from Pirates 3 (At Wits End) to perform that for a friend as well.

@GomuBoy I will try to get a recording when I start getting back into doing my tricks :D

@Akiyoshi-Chan Singing is a great talent to have, I really wish I had a nice singing voice, but sadly I am kind of a monotone.

@TheGD1212 Im happy of hear that, gambatte! ^_^

My hobbies are play softball n basketball,watch anime,listen to music,hang out with friends,surf the web,sleeping,stay until midnight,read manga..

@hyuu softball +_+ can show some vid plz? :D

@GomuBoy softball and baseball are almost the same but some of the rules are different..

So,just watch these two videos and see the different..^^

@hyuu Is almost de the same O_O But softball looks some cooler, idk why x3

@Gomuboy haha..You should try it,it's fun.I never play baseball but I play softball and sometimes,I became addicted to play this sport.XD

Well, as I promised, I post my video, I appears when the AWESOME FACE appears XD I-m Chico De Goma

i like turtles ;D

I like doing alot of things, Most of them..BEING IN A OLD SPICE VID :D

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