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Weeaboo and Japanese Snack obsession. (Thread)

I don't know why, but Weeaboo just cannot live without Japanese snacks: Pocky for example. oh come the fuck on,Pocky is nothing more than a chocolate on a stick and there is nothing special about them. I've been eating them all my life and seriously, there is no need to drive like 20 miles to find nearest Japanese convenient store just get some. They are not cheap either but Weeaboo are just so hooked on to Pocky. I doubt Weeaboos are buying Pocky for their taste; chocolate and biscuit is not the newest invention for sure. So it is safest to assume that they buy Pocky, because it's simply Japanese. Yay for Meiji's income.

But really, it's getting kinda annoying. Every time I hear Weeaboo in public screaming with excitement, "POCKYYYYYYYY YESSSSS" I see myself punching myself in the chest. Gosh, it doesn't make you guys Japanese, if you show that much passion for a fucking chocolate on a stick nor Japanese people are really happy to have their snack that's been around for almost a century.

grow up.

and what is so appealing about a drink that contains about a half of cup? you know you are actually paying more for the glass right? just stupid. fun fact: these come in cans

and it contains much more than that dumbass ramune in a glass container. about the same price too.

but sure go a head, if you wanna feel like 5 year old Japanese boy buy the glass container. you know it's actually designed so that little boys don't burn their throat from soda right? woop dee doo.

just my 5 cent.

what is your experience with Japanese Snack + Weeaboo orgasm?

p.s. because people are getting things mixed up. It's ok for normal people to eat these things, because they give you normal reaction. But when weeaboo consumes one of these things, they give you something like this:


kinda gay don't ya think.

oO what's the problem being fan of Pocky and Ramune, why can't we live? XD why always complains whyyyyy~ w
they do what they want ==

Pocky is nothing more than a chocolate on a stick and there is nothing special about them.

Lays is just thin slices of fried potato, sprinkled with salt.
You don't want to tell me in my face there's nothing special about them.

Some things are simply more than the sum of their parts *nods sagely*

Lays is just thin slices of fried potato, sprinkled with salt.
You don't want to tell me in my face there's nothing special about them.

^ I was about to say that .___.
anyway thumbs up to @Yoshiya

And I just ate Ketchup lays 8D

Never heard of Ramune ._.


The best~

I totally agree with 9mm. I do not eat pocky strictly for their taste (Even though they're good). I buy them because they're japanese.

Sue me.

i liked Lays and Pocky (not chocolate)

and i don't even know they were Japanese until now.

Eats cheap snacks. Japanese snacks /= cheap.

So, in my mind: What's so great about pocky? I could buy more chocolate than the amount on that itty bitty stick for a 1/3 of the price. Not hating on Weeabos, just expensive food.

In the USA you can get Pocky and other snacks in the oriental section at your local food grocer. Other rarer snacks, they can come from the mall. It's not that difficult to acquire them.

I don't buy aasian snacks, but I don't think there is anything wrong with people buying them and enjoying them if they really want to. I always buy pickles, what does that make me? They're just cucumbers soaked in weird juices...

be afraid of my girth!.

... At Wal-Mart a box of Pocky is 99 cents, to $1.50 anywhere else.

THAT ISN'T EXPENSIVE. Those gummies that B1ue posted aren't expensive either.

I eat Pocky because it's good. Not because it's Japanese.

Also, should this be in the world news board, or the random board? Because really, I can't take this topic seriously.

@i_love_otakus It exceeds 50 cents, therefore it is expensive.

@InsaneBoredGame are you black?

@9mm uhm i think you should consider that people maybe like it because it tastes good.. and thats also the reaosn it sells that well. i mean, i used to like it even before i knew it was japanese. and its sold in lots of countires because its popular enough to... though for some reason, its called mikado in some countires and pocky in some countires and mikado in others... like here in germany, or in france. too bad just that you cant get the other flavours besides chocolate here so you gotta buy the expensive imported ones of you really want another flavour.

@InsaneBoredGame Oh, okay, I wasn't aware that was expensive for you.~

@Sushi Again, I like them because I like 'em. It's food, and food is food either way. It doesn't make me a freaking weeaboo instantly. All my friends love Pocky, and most of them don't even like anime/manga.

This argument overall is childish, and idiotic.

i was going to quote some gem from @9mm and @Sushi's post , but then it would be quoting the whole thing <3
i salute you 2, sirs.

i support stop the fucking weeaboo shite.
get your own fucking personalities people, stop borrowing it from other culturals.

I can proudly say that I opened a Ramuna bottle before and got the marble inside! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I have a video of me taking out the marble~ :D

one disappointment though: The marble is just a marble. It's useless and It's very disappointing.

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