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Weeaboo and Japanese Snack obsession. (Thread) - Page 9

@Sammi, I don't think you're a weeaboo. I mean, Liking a type of candy from some county shouldn't make you weeaboo.

@Sammi I only meant weeaboos.

@9mm "so that little boys don't burn their throat"?

I call absolute bullshit on that one. I'm a teenage girl, and that stuff still burned my throat when I first tried it. Felt like I poured acid down my esophagus.

I was still in the weaboo phase myself back then [I've stayed clean for a good 2 years now, thank goodness], and thought the magical, amazing JAPANESE soda wouldn't burn my throat like those icky, disgusting AMERICAN sodas.

Boy, I found out fast how much of a dumbass I was for thinking that.

My username is a food! No wonder I'm fat cuz I'm eating pocky everyday (I'm not fat BTW).

@9mm *poinmts at @iEatPocky and HERE we finally have an example for the kind of people that your ranting about on this thread^^

Imported snacks are so expensive, the larger size Pocky can range up to fifty dollars and it isn't even all that big.

are they really that good i mean that i love ice cream hear but i am not talking how much it taste so good but you like what you like

I'll just leave this here.

Not at a bad price, either, but I haven't had any in ages.

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