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Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black? TROLOLOL. (Thread)

The ultimate lesbian couple, ohohoho! -shot- A VERY HARD CHOICE, I KNOW. Thank god Justin rejected her when she asked him for a duet. So, who makes your ears bleed more? For me, it's Rebecca Black. D:l GODDAMMIT, THE FRONT SEAT IS FULL. AND YOU SHOULD GET SOME SPEECH LESSONS. >:l FRIED EGGS ARE FOR BREAKFAST.

Rebecca: U jelly 'cuz I got over two-hundred million-
Kanye: Yo Rebecca. Imma let you finish, but Saturday is one of the greatest days of all time.

...And also, Justin Bieber sounds kind of like an angel having an orgasm when slowed down eight-hundred percent. Rebecca sounds like whale porn. :l Seriously, just listen.


I have to choose.
Well, I might as well just shoot myself right now.


Justin Bieber... I guess

That question isn't even valid to humanity.

I had to listen to six hours of Justin Bieber at work today. No one can understand my pain...

LOLWHUT. Why. >.>

Cause of that DAMNED MOVIE about him came out on DVD today so they were promoting his SHIT.

I don't even hate the guy himself, I just hate his fucking music and his fans... -___-

Dude, I feel your pain in the first hour of the movie. I wasted that ticket. Thought I could make fun of that guy but who knew the theater'd be filled with his fangirls. = =


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