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What do you guys think!
Looks pretty AWESOME if you ask me!

really awesome but I do hope we get to see all characters at least half of them

I know right! i think their gonna show more characters in the next trailer though.

It has Alisa Bosconovitch.
That's all I need. ♥

can't wait~!! it looks so awesome in the trailer!! :3

Looks really promising. :)

I'm excited for this. I hope it wouldn't disappoint.^^

im a real tekken fan and i cant wit to watch this movie : D

Looks awesome! Can't wait :D

when is the release date?


Although I was probably unconsciously comparing it to FF throughout the whole duration of the movie thanks to the awesome CG visuals.

Excuse me while I go dig out my old, old, old game of Tekken 5 and play it. Again.

Really? I thought it was crap.. D: I hated the visuals.. in comparison to FF, they sucked so bad.. they looked like sims characters...
The plot was quite confusing and it didn't seem very..well put together...

This is probably made worse for me because I watched it in english dub.. which was horrible. The characters sounded so fake and just ugh... Lee.. sounded.. so gay... = -=

but @zatsunen, this beats the Tekken IRL by a longshot. And I don't mind the translated dub; though it was surprising to see Lee Chao Lan take up a comic role.

Well, since it was based on the game, I didnt have high expectatioms for it...

And the graphics were pretty decent compared to the actual game play, it was actually much more toned. And I never said it was better than FF, I merely stated that I was comparing the two.

The movie feels like Black Rock Shooter, totally unrelated thing becomes totally related in the end (well, not really). Not my cup of tea.

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