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Why this site should give us an ignore function. (Thread)

I think the site should offer an ignore button, because I am tired of certain users going out of their way to bother me. Also, I am sure other people have this problem too and I do not think we should have to put up with this. This is not 4chan, and I am sure a certain two people will come right onto this thread and post a picture involving either a cartoon character, a video game character, a historical figure or a celebrity and obligatory overused internet insults. Another certain person will arrive that will go out of their way to say " This post is wrong." and possibly delete it. These occurrences will not happen in any specific order but they will happen.

Oh Please Stop being like lethn.

go away.

I have a built-in ignore function. I should really use it right now, but I just had to boast about it.

Ugh... so not-colorless-like.

@Mu, if there was an ignore function, I'm pretty sure no one would be talking to you atm.

And please. One @Lethn was ass enough already. I'd suggest you quit ticking people off.


Xegis, I have had enough of you for one lifetime. I don't know why you always choose to bother me, and in truth I do not much care. But do me a favor, fuck off. I have tried treating you with some degree of respect, but if you cannot reciprocate then I suggest you come back after you have grown up or grown a pair.

As for the others, case and point. -.-

One more thing, whoever this Lethn was, get your asses out of the past and stop bothering me. Everybody who trolls me constantly brings him up and I am tired of you people bitching at me for putting valid points out.

If you deleted all your other multiple threads, people would take you more seriously.

@Mu the reason why people troll you is because you're being like him.
We had this ignore thing ages ago, it sounded stupid, mods didn't agree = so shut the fuck up, this ain't happening and spamming the forums will only lead you to be hated and not respected. If you think @Xegis is immature, what do you think of yourself? Oh please stop being such a pussy ass.

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