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Cheer Up Company ♥ (Thread)

WHAT is it about and WHY

yay~ i don´t think that EXACTLY something like this already exists, so i thought, "hey, why not~"

All those "how do you feel"-threads are nice,but....
please, don´t get me wrong, but i think it´s better to create something, where you can really talk about it and not just post
"yo, i´m sad/have a problem kthxbye" :/
And now that the "dear Keri" and "dear banana (or idk)" threads seem
to be quiet inactive
i wanted to create this.

Now to the "how does this exactly work?"

it´s pretty easy~ :3

If you, want to talk about a problem, are not sure about some things, or talk about a friends problem (which you don´t know how you should deal with) then post on this thread and we (if i find a few voluntary users) try to help you out.

Official Memberlist:

I am lonely, I want to be un-lonely.

I have...-holds up some fingers- this many dollars to give you.

So fix it.

I shall help in any way possible. :3

Allow me to wallow in despair...

Don't know many people here, but I'll try to help.

I'll try to help~ I'm better at giving advice than I am talking about my own problems, at least lol.

To the Advisors


thankis~ ♥ and because it could cause confusion if 2 or more people help one person, we have to rotate~ :)
So i´ll take care of @IIEarlGreyII and @Tong will help @Polnareff the next request will receive help by @Taiphlosion, then it´s @Leonardo ´s turn, then @pockymahou ´s turn and then @InsaneBoredGame ´s~:3
But i´ll PM you anyways if someone needs help ~ :3

AND i´m sorry for the late reply, but my Connection was...just......ew :(´s been pretty stormy and it seems like something that´s needed for the internetconnection was damaged :( BUT now i was able to post at least the first part of our Project and that´s what i´m really happy about, because we can start now~ ♥

@IIEarlGreyII i don´t want your money~ i want you to be happy :3
and if you are lonely~... what exactly did you already try to escape your lonelyness ? :3
If I don´t know that, i can´t give you propper advice ~ :)

( @Polnareff If you ask for MY permission then i want to know the reasons, why you want to wallow in despair ~ and my answer is no anyways .... but it would be nice if you´d give some reasons to receive better help, then we could give you with the little bit of information you gave us. :3
Because it´s not a normal wish to wallow in despair~ )

Will help any way I can.

@Hayama_Yui, Let's see... where should i begin? With the fact that i'm more than likely going to get fired from work? Or should i start with the fact that the reason it might happen is because i got into a car accident and no longer have a certain ride to work?

@Polnareff I´m sorry ~ :(
@Tong wil help you as soon as possible~

@Hayama_Yui Just a suggestion, I think the rotating system is kind of inefficient. ^^; Some people may not be around when it's their turn, or some may be able to give better advice for certain topics like love, family, etc. Sorry, just my two cents. "orz I'm fine with it though.

@pockymahou ..uhm actually you are right ^__^"""""""" but it was my first thought until i found a better system xD but if you´d have one ..PLEASE TELL ME ;________;
becuse when i started to create this i thought of every possible things that could happen but not that there are so many volunteers xD
nja~ now you know the bittersweet truth xD

I can give loves O:

@IzaS3 thankis~ :3

@Hayama_Yui You welcome ^_^

@Hayama_Yui I guess you could just let anyone answer if they can relate or if they feel they can give helpful advice for the problem. ~ 3 ~ Or you can have different people give advice for different topics. And of course, if someone has an issue that they don't want to share with the whole public, they can PM any of those willing to help. :3

@Polnareff I think you should take things on one by one; first if you can't get into work, try and find all possibilities of other transport, maybe a fellow work colleague could give you a lift?; I would say the next step would be if you can't do the first and you know you have tried everything, research; go out hunting for a new job before you even get fired then you kinda get a head start :3

Sorry for the slow reply and I hope that helps.

i think this is a good idea. there should be ground rules. these are really quick to could skim or be smart and read; which is of course more rewarding.

I strongly suggest you take a look at these sites. they are really helpful. not only will you better understand others but this is the path to understanding your self. the last link is going to be the best help of the three. Listen, if you saw everyone as children INCLUDING YOURSELF i assure you, you will be without a doubt a wise person.
this last link is awesome. by the way these were not idiots who posted these.

@animerz you don´t know how much i want to hug you for these pages ~ ♥

@Polnareff Dude, definitely go for public trans. I've been doing it for a while, and although it sucks, it's all you have right. Otherwise definitely go with what @Tong said and get a coworker to help you out. Or your sister, even though she's a total bitch....but with that you can just trade-off something. Like doing chores or whatever. Just a suggestion.

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