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any old minecraft accounts not wanted (Thread)

does anyone have a minecraft account they never use and works online if so can i have (sorry for being rude)

no1 ok

@Jake an minecraft acc isnt that expencive and if you dont want to pay you can look around on torrent sites for an minecraft 1.5_01 (newest so far) offline client

Just buy one,bro. It's only $20, and well worth the cost.

Who in their right mind would give away 20$ to a random stranger on the internet?

And here I am looking for some spoils of war. xD

@RangleGoose : A very generous man ?


IRL maybe... But one the INTERNET?!

I would give him, If I had one and I haven't played it for one year.

I'm easy to get bored from games. So I have given almost all my online game account to my friends. :D

Game Accounts are assets and I hate to see unused assets. It's better if I have someone to keep the assets rolling for me. :D

Minecraft isn't that "old" yet, so people aren't just going to give their few-month-old accounts away.


Sure, but then you'd give it to a FRIEND. Not stranger...

Anyway, enough of that ;..;

got 1 now anyways bought 1

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