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Thoughts on Official CL-Contests (Thread)

For starters, I'm quoting @Kirn's Suggestion on Colorless' Uservoice page; I highlighted some parts

While we have a lot of new features, we are just standing still in terms of community development. Right now we are just another anime community out there. And it is not bad - we can talk and meet people here... But it would be great to have a possibility of some bigger goal, aim, even theme for us to be, to do, to hope for.

Also, admins and/or mods should think about involving users, making it more interesting for them. Like contests or something.
Like the contest when we had to write properly. The theme of a contest was really bad, but the general idea (you participate, you get badge or something) was really nice.
And contests should be to encourage people to act together, which will make them know each other better. Like people in CL projects know each other really well 'cause they do same things together.

That is basically what's been going through my mind since Kirn posted it.
The "Who are We?"-Discussion made me kinda sad, and I know of some others that felt the same.
Kirn said it well, we are kinda aimless and simply exist. While that is a good thing on one hand, because we're not limited to something we'd need to pursue, it certainly feels demotivating after a while.

That's where I'd like to consider Colorless-Contests.

We all know (and probably have) badges already. We got the Poll-feature a while ago as well.
This means, we'd have both a way to 'reward' contestants of Official CL-wide Contests AND an easy way to VOTE for the winners.

The Staff could pick up interesting ideas, talk them through and prepare a set of rules to outline the contests etc,
but that does not mean all the ideas have to come from the staff!

This is nothing official yet, but I am sure to get in touch with @Gargron in no time to talk about this thing, and am quite confident that this type of thing will be appreciated and supported by the whole Staff of CL.

In my ideal small world, badges would be handed to ALL who actually SENT IN an ENTRY that is in line with the RULES.
This would result in having 4 different badges - one for participants and three others, one for each of the 3 top spots.

That should be enough to encourage people to participate and get through with their projects to hand them in, I think, as nobody would leave the event unrewarded.

So my dear members of The Colorless, what are your thoughts on the matter? Brainstorming, Ho!


-Reserved as well for now-

Well put, DC, well put.

Great suggestion!

This reminds me, I might start up a Colorless AMV Contest. I'm unsure if we have that many editors on the site, but if we pinpoint the members to the right software, they might even be able to enter their first AMV into the contest. ;)

In what concerns badges, I agree that all contest-participants should receive one, in order to compensate for their motivation and perseverance. As for the Top 3 Winners, they could receive a similar badge which includes the position in which they have won(#1, #2, #3, etc.).

(Unless someone takes the initiative before I do, I would like to start writing up a thread for this, later tonight. On the other hand, maybe it would be better for me to wait, until I'm sure that badges will be distributed to the participants?)

AMV Contest would sure be fun, @n1xx, and considering that Windows Movie Maker might not be the best, but free for all to get by using the Windows Live Package, its giving everyone a chance to participate.
The only thing I'd be worried about is the 'where to upload'-part, since Youtube, for example, is really harsh when it comes to copyright-stuff.

Yup, agreed, the top 3 should only be slightly different from each other to show their ranking, either by numbers or the usual Gold/Silver/Bronze styling.

As for going ahead, I'd recommend waiting if you're short on time, otherwise it shouldn't be an issue if we get enough people interested \o.o\

Sounds awesome, And I always wanted to make an amv. XD


While I always support out changing community and the ever so important thoughts on our unbelievable mods I should point out the horrible achievement and reward system from a certain other forum community which I will not name. I will call it EARTHonline. Recall if you will the thousands upon thousands of nonsensical posts just for the sake of that little pop up that says "Congrats: You Posted Some Specific Crap! :D"

While this could become a very brilliant idea for our community, I urge caution. Although I am sure those in charge of creating the criteria for the badges will take this into account, I just wanted to remind them of the horrors it could lead to.

I like the idea((:
Im willing to participate in the contest when School isnt in my way<3

As for the copyright issues, I may have a solution. Unless the users already know how to place appropriate watermarks over their videos, I could always do it for them and upload their videos on a Youtube channel made for the contest itself(by crediting them, of course). That way, we'll be sure that all AMVs will be safely remaining on Youtube.

I was thinking about giving 3-4 months for the editors to submit and then restart anew with another contest, once the winners of the first round have been determined. Of course, each following contest could have a different theme, in order to ensure originality and interest.

For those who are wondering about the first round's theme, there won't be any(unless I get a lot of suggestions for one). In my opinion, as our first round, it would be a great idea to let the members submit any of their AMVs. ;3

@TK-421 & @Mairu_Orihara
That's definitely encouraging! I'm glad to see members who are already interested in this! :D

I completely understand your concern. But I see a slight difference in how @DarkChaplain is approaching the idea. In fact, only participants who have successfully done their part in the contest, will receive badges. In spite of this, I see it as a fair, linear and balanced system.

@n1xx .. haha I love CL its not a bad site ,so I am willing to help it((:

So I was watching youtube, and one of my favorite channels (CTFxC (ftw!)) mentioned an age old internet classic that I thought would actually be a good contest / challenge / motivator.

Remember all those Free hug's videos? (Need I say more)

Why not having a hugs contest?
Get as many hugs from [insert start time] till [insert end time]

Must have video footage or pictures or something to prove it happened, because if you can't prove it; it never happened.

Simple? I'd like to think so... Just a suggestion.

I actually like it. Plenty of other forums that I go on do this kind of stuff all the time, heck even Tumblr at times, why can't CL do it?

... I really want a graphic designing contest now. |D

I would love to see what kind of amvs you people come up with.

Hmm.. @Neko-Chan it would sure be interesting, but I don't see the majority of CL going* on cam for that stuff D:

As for other ideas:

  • Art (subject XXX) like "One of your favorite anime characters", something using alternative tools, paints or pixel art, for example.
  • Music - we have a lot of good singers on here, and others are especially fond of their music skills
  • Writing short stories, poems, lyrics...

What we'd need to care about are ways of reducing the risks of receiving stolen works, but avoiding them wouldn't be hard if the rules and requirements are set up well.

On another topic, these things can boost our presence of sites like DeviantArt or Youtube and bring people closer together.
We already have a DeviantArt-group for CL, btw :3

* @candytenshi's a grammar nazi, there, I said it! xD

@DarkChaplain oh yea that's probably true...
Does the poll feature still function? After we get a couple strong ideas why don't we poll it?

As we're not really voting on things yet and the topic is broad, I now added the 'Event'-widget to the thread :3
I think having a list of people who are interested or not, or still need some convincing will be more convenient for this 'Thoughts on'-topic

I like this idea and am looking foreword to help in any way possiable. Just pm me if you want more help. As for copyright, I believe that if you give credit to the video on YouTube, in the description area it should be fine.

Indeed. There are actually many ways to not prove ownership of the content in your AMVs. Some work better than others though. If I refer to your idea of giving credit to the animation studio, music publishers, singers, etc. it's been proven countless times that some do not accept the disclaimer anyway, and ask for the removal of your video. In these cases, mirroring the video or creating an appropriate watermark, are better ways of making your AMV public on Youtube. Even in these cases, it is still respectable to give full credit to those who have worked on the anime and composed the music.

Another safe alternative would be to make your video viewable, only for those who have the link. (In other words, make it a private video which is invisible in the search results.)

Since this is somewhat an area filled with countless possibilities, I'll make sure to enumerate them well in the upcoming thread. ;)

@n1xx & @astrogaijin

Well, I can only really speak about my experiences in germany, but over here its already hard to open half of the music-related videos posted on CL or other sites - regionally restricted thanks to other reasons than the copyright holders beings pissed about not being credited =/

And if your videos get removed multiple times because of 'infringement', your whole youtube account might actually be taken down, so its a risky thing.

Anyway, in most cases, private videos should work just fine, but its a little sad if it needs to be done since good AMVs can be a bit rare on youtube these days

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