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Thoughts on Official CL-Contests (Thread) - Page 2

@DarkChaplain & @astrogaijin
If ever things become that complicated, my initial idea of posting the videos, in an appropriate format, on a Youtube Channel made for this very contest, might assure that they will be viewable on CL, Youtube and will not infringe any copyright issues, since I will make sure that they are either mirrored or watermarked, as well as credited.

I will make sure to guide the participants into making the right choices when uploading their videos and help them, if ever they need more information on how to mirror a video, add a watermark, etc.

For now, let's see how the first submissions go and decide what to do later on, if ever unpredicted complications arise in the future. ;3

@Darkchaplain & @n1xx that is true. I don't upload videos to YouTube so I didn't know of that option.

Sounds like a good idea.
I've tried making an AMV before, I failed. I'm willing to try making another one for this purpose

WOW! Even @Kirn said he'd attend?! Great day indeed xD

anyway, I think @n1xx's AMV contest will be a nice opportunity to bring up some 'how to' for new people - hey, it sure can be educative educational 8D

@DarkChaplain Sorry Chappeh, but don't you mean *educational? ^^;
@n1xx's AMV contest sounds like a good idea~ I haven't made one in ages and I have better video editing software now, so it would be a good opportunity to get at it again /o/

@pockymahou aye, pocky ;A; my bad, concentration is all over the place again x_x

@Kirn in jury? well, I considered colorless being the jury anyway, so go ahead xP but I'd definitely come and asks you for possible additions to the contests :3

See, like the 'focus of contest' part, dear Kirn, that's why I'd always look out for your thoughts on stuff, since you've got a pretty nice head on your shoulders!

@DarkChaplain -pats- xD

It really is a good idea though, Colorless is pretty aimless and boring right now so contests, if held more frequently than before, would be great to get the community to come together, participate, show off their talents, etc. And depending on which idea is most well-received, there could also be contests for odd stuff within the main categories of art, music and writing, like graphic design, typos, dance covers, etc.

I wish I could be more helpful but my brain is... soupy right now. ; w ;

Can we list down all possible CL-Contest? That way we can narrow down all the possibilities. Or we MAYBE we can branch out multiple contest at the same time, like,
contest for amv's
for musicians
for singers
for artist
then find the appropriate "jury" and the moderators that will handle entries and stuffs

Fun fun fun... Sorry I wanted to bump. Read everything, and loving the suggestions.

So yeah, contests are nice.

Oh and I am against public voting. Panel of judges is best, and it depends on the kind of contest really. but if its public voting... yeah there will be many who will go for the multiple accounts XD

You seem to forget that we can check the dupes of people entering >:D

I don't really think this would work in any other good way with a static jury, as there'd need to be a way to discuss the decisions etc, or by having only these few people voting

OK so I will be attending any kind of competition with 80% chance :D
It will depend on do I have time or is the type of the competition fit for my skills/or so.

I think that also DESIGNing something would be a cool theme for the contest. I mean like to make your own character/outfit/etc...

I like the idea. And I will take a part in every contest, if I can do/make it ofc. :)

sounds good

I know this was already suggested, but I think that we should have a graphic/signature contest :c

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