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Transitioning to Blu ray (Thread)

Now I kind of regret not buying Evangelion 2.22 You can (not) advacne on DVD. But I think this transition is a good idea and it will be a worthwhile investment buying an HD display. Since my computer is a Blu-Ray player I can just buy a chord to connect it.

What about you? Are you going to transition to Blu-ray?

Thoughts, concerns, ideas, movies, discuss.

(Finally, I can use this advent Children complete movie for something!)

You're like.. years late, @Mu. That question has been asked for half a decade.

No, DVDs will be around for much much longer. But in times when BDs of Hollywood movies are only about 5 bucks more expensive than DVDs of the same movie, people are bound to buy them.

It is not the medium people cling to, its that the players have been too expensive for a quick start.

These days, if you buy a new computer, chances are high that it will come with a BD-ROM drive / DVD-burner. Same for Laptops.

The PS3 is the only gaming console that actually uses BDs to date, but don't expect things to stay that way! The XBox only tried to 'WIN' against the Asian rivals that pushed the BD using their own inferior 'HD-DVD' and Microsoft was one of the leading forces in that battle.
If Microsoft would have adapted earlier, the new XBoxes from last year would already have a BD drive.
Even the Wii 2 is rumored to have BD support, but thats still in the future.

Players are shitcheap now. below hundred bucks and falling.
Thing is, that back when LCD and Plasma TVs started out, they did not have the resolutions. The HD-switch on TV is still not done, and being slowed down by old shows still being popular.
HD TVs aren't as necessary as they COULD be.

Players and Discs aren't the issue. The issue is that TVs are draining money like hell and that BD burners are still not common, with blank discs of about half a buck per piece, single-layered, making it not cheap enough yet.

A lot of the better HD TVs also come with USB-ports and allow you to play movies straight from the harddrive, or even USB sticks.

In the end, people still don't feel the NECESSITY to switch over.

The Bluray is here. It is better, does not suffer from data corruption as fast as the DVD or hell, the VHS, but the way it is advertised, as a MOVIE-medium, simply is not successful enough anymore in times of the world wide web and cheap connections

Turns out my computer plays blu ray, and I can connect it to an HD display! Yay!

uhm im pretty sure evangelion 2.22 is only on blu-ray isnt it? anyways this isnt facebok.. you dont need to tell us stuff like that or anything.. at least dotn if you dotn have a question about somwe problem you might have with playing it or anything...

All bluray releases have a dvd release break le duh D;

I'm slowly making the transition to bluray, I have two players now my tv and my ps3 and the quality is pretty crisp, comparing my new bluray copy of shaun of the dead and my dvd version it certainly looks nicer. I agree with sushi in saying if it's a film you really love don't hesitate getting it on bluray.

Not to say dvds will die out any time soon, a majority of all shows are dvd release only so they'll still be selling a lot. And it's still the most convenient medium, atm not everyone will have bought a bluray player, and like DC said it's not exactly cheap enough to warrant people HAVING to switch over.

i just recently got a blue ray player from someone and ive yet to open it the thought of high definition sound and picture is very intimidating... im just not ready yet

Hell no. I'm perfectly happy with DVDs and I don't see the need for change. I don't want 3D stuff either! I just don't get what's wrong with what we have right now.

I'm slowly making the transition as I've got about 8 Anime BDs and a few movies. That doesn't mean I've ditched DVDs since I still tend to by DVDs as they can be cheaper and some things remain DVD-only. The only problem with my BD player is I can't change the DVD region so I have to use my laptop for imported DVDs, not a big deal though.

As long as there are people left in the planet that will rather buy a DVD than a Blu-ray disc, then no.

It should be worth getting the BRs for a few movies


DVD'S are still gonna remain around i mean some thing can go wrong!
say for example is evrything was blue-ray but your blu-player doesnt work and now your like fuck, i can't play this now anymore but you realized u can use your PS2,Xbox 360 to play DVD'S..oh WAIT THATS RIGHT IT CANT PLAY BLUE-RAY! this is why dvd's will still hang around
although i would buy some animes on blue0ray sucks i dont have a PS3 T.T(working on it though)

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