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Tired of the same spiral. (Thread)

I have tried treating certain people with some respect, but all I get is 4chan style hate. (Yeah I know, you're a butthurt faggot, quit bitching, welcome to the internet yaddayaddayadda.) Lets get something straight here. I do not enjoy arguing with people like DarkChaplain, Xegis, Spooky, and TK-w/e and ruining the chat for everybody else. It ends up ruining my time and fucking up a good time for everybody else. I got on Spookys bad side one day, and then everybody else just decides to attack me and call me out on "what a dickhead I am being" or "How awful my attitude is" Yet when I try to call you fuckers out on your wrongs you just say "I'm bitching like an asshole" Okay, I get it nobody on the chat likes me so I'm just gonna stop going on. You people sicken me to the fullest but the least I can do is stop ruining your day with my presence. More importantly stop wasting my hours on the lame chat. I know a shit storm is about to show up, so you know what? Let me just say bring it on you bed wetting assholes.

Op is a faggot.

TK-421 Damn it. Write it down if you can't remember. For the record I do not hate you cuz spooky started some shit with you..I hate you because you suck..that is all.

-Love TK

You are such a butt, Mu.

Welp, I have no idea how it all started since I was occupied with better things, so I can't exactly "judge" you.

Although from what I've seen, you're not exactly charming.

Okay, I get it nobody on the chat likes me so I'm just gonna stop going on.

and then

Let me just say bring it on you bed wetting assholes.

WHAT REALLY? Please don't contradict yourself. Everyone is tired of the same shit over and over.

Shouldn't this be on the

General goodbye thread

or sth?

Anyway, kthxbye~

All I have to say is fine if thats your attitude on the subject leave. Or you can stay an push pass the shit and show a sense of maturity.

Still people here only see what you present, so maybe present yourself a bit better. I don't know about chat haven't been in a while so maybe im missing some things. From my perspective you do sound "butthurt" about the situation and don't give many of us a reason on why we should care.

Well im lost and dont wanna read that post so gonna say if this is a farewell bye if not stop complaining.

I tried to put your incomprehensive, ad hominem assault into google translator, but all I got back was, "Nigguh nigguh nigguh nigguh..." Sorry.

I'd give you a proper and more respectable reply, but I don't think you'd deserve something like that from me anytime soon.

Learn to take a joke at times, boy.

You want a side order of ice with that butthurt Mu?
Seriously, you play yourself as a victim, someone whose being bullied by the "BIG BAD MEANIES" in chat.
Well guess what? You're not a victim.
You hear something you don't like and you go off on people, talking trash every which direction.
You aren't getting picked on, you antagonize people constantly.
So sorry your majesty if people aren't willing kiss your ass, and walk on eggshells around you to prevent shattering your oh so precious ego.
You're just a big baby getting butthurt over the smallest things.
Just grow up.

meh, I can't resist..
I apologize for all the curses and dirty language I might gonna use, but I'm damn tired of this stuff as well.

@Mu, your attitude SUCKS. You're popping up and are oversensitive like a little fucking baby that's got his lolly stolen.
You're not getting lines, you started showing disrespect to all other members during the first few weeks after signing up, even the oldest of oldfags.
Bringing up sentences like "I'll bend you over and fuck your ass" are NEVER a good idea to bring up. If CL were real life, you would have gone home with at least a bloody nose and a blue eye.

Your inability to take valid criticism into consideration is shocking, really. If somebody tells you to not post chains of small statements on the forum, then fucking do so instead of telling the moderation to fuck off and leave "your forum", for starters. If people tell you they don't get the point you're trying to make on some topic, stop bitching and EXPLAIN your shit instead.
If people on chat tell you you go overboard, stop moving altogether.

You're some new guy, so people were going easy on you all the freaking time. But you fail to adapt to the CL-Society and are being oversensitive and don't understand the way people are on here.

Sending PMs to moderators because some user might have trolled you is not a good thing to do either. It only shows that the trolling worked.

And as much as I personally hate @Spooky, you simply gotta GROW SOME BALLS! Look at the date he joined up! PEOPLE HAD TO DEAL WITH IT BEFORE YOU MAGICALLY APPEARED! Yet they LEARNED to deal with it and did not run to some mod.

Also, if anything bad happens to you, you shove it onto others, instead of reflecting on what shit you might have done. You don't even TRY to fit in and instead ATTACK all those that won't go your way.

Your lack of composure is disturbing, really. You're either overly aggressive or bitching with tears in your eyes.
You really should get yourself checked, because the way you enter a room and start being aggressive really will be worrisome in your life.


Dear Mu,
I tried to be nice but you still pissed me off. Cannot say it was nice knowing you((:


@DarkChaplain I think you meant black eye. :D

(damnit can't resist)
Mu I'mma let you finish but

Well, deaf ears. Mu changed his profile~

Good riddance. That's all I got to say.

Couldn't have said it better myself.


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