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Tired of the same spiral. (Thread) - Page 2

@Mu. Good riddance, you big baby.
By the way, saying that you're "already annoyed with me" even though you "just started talking to me", without listening to a word i was trying to tell you? Seriously? :3

We tried to be nice. We really did. You just responded back in an asshole-like fashion. I was hoping you would push past this and move on. This is the internet. This is Colorless. Guess what, SHIT HAPPENS. No need to make a big show about it.

Put on your big boy panties and grow a pair.


P.S. Mu is the sound a cow makes. And cows smell. A lot.

Everything I would like to say has been said, save for one little bit of advice:

Read this fucking thread on netiquette, and take a "few", READ: many, pointers from it.

Either way, nonconstructive bashing and whatnot, kinda abuse, thus this thread is locked, no matter how much fun it was to read. <3

THIS IS COLORLESS. Expect verbal abuse, raep, rainbows, and other stuff so stop complaining.

momo is sad that he did not get mentioned by Mu, hurr~ xD

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