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I haven't made one in >3 years, and don't know if I want to tread that slipper slope again, any time soon. Give me a bit more time to think on it~

i was wondering if your going to judge on seperatly on the type of software you use
like for example

the best Sony Vegas/AE/AP AMV

the best WindowsMovieMaker AMV

I am going to attempt to make one but if it blows im not submitting it lol.

I will give a try~!! I apologize early if I dont finish because of moving/school/finals/etc. I will try my best to work on an AMV for CL thou<33

EDIT: Does it have to be a anime AMV? Could it be one of Korean celebrities?(just askin)

I would like to sign up, however I have never made an AMV before. :D
Well either way, I'd like to sign up.

The contestant list has been updated!

Up until now, we have eleven volunteers who are ready to participate in this! I can't thank you all enough for your interest and I hope that you'll all have as much fun as I will, by making these AMVs. :)

And please make sure to read the rules on the first page, before starting the editing.

For the first round, the submissions will be made on an individual basis. However, in the future for our next rounds, I will make sure to put your idea to good use. :)

The reason why I cannot allow to have members choose if they want to be in teams or not, is because you will get one more vote for yourself in the poll, if you are teamed up with someone else, which leads the soloists to a disadvantage.

In spite of this, team-competitions will be used in one of our next rounds and only teams will be able to participate in that round(more information to come in the future).

As I have mentioned previously to @Noodle, no specific criteria will be used in our first round. The judging will result in a simple Top 3 Preference, decided upon the users' choices on the poll widget.

For our next rounds, however, I am ready to apply your idea as one of our judging criteria.

You can see this first round as a test-run, in order to try-out the idea of an AMV-Contest on Colorless. If all goes well, more specific categories will be applied in our next rounds.

Of course, if a vast majority asks for a specific judging criteria in this round, I will be ready to consider the idea.

AMV = Anime Music Video.
Based on that definition, the submission must contain anime sequences. However, I am ready to accept Korean Live Actions(or any other kind of live action, for that matter) sequences, which are linked to the anime you will be using. (Example: Antique Bakery, City Hunter, Death Note, etc.)

These additional sequences must not take more than 50% of your AMV though(because the main purpose is the anime, not the live action).

I will also please ask you to read the rules on the first page, if you haven't done so already, because a few precisions have been made, about sequences that are non-anime.

ah okay :3
and i would like to participate as well ^-^

@n1xx np i was just asking for common knowledge ^^. GL to everyone

I'm giving it a go.

I'm not sure if I have enough time to do this, due to school and stuff. But sign me up anyway :3

Hooray! I'll do it. Does it have to be an anime though? I've done a lot more GMVs than AMVs.


AMV = Anime Music Video.
Based on that definition, the submission must contain anime sequences.

However, I'll please ask you to read the rules on the first page, in order to familiarize yourself with how much GMV content you can use in your AMV.

In addition, I might consider a GMV Round in the future. ;3

So are there any good sites to get the anime clips or possibly raws from?

I've never done this before, but... why not? Count me in. :D
As a note, my video editor is Pinnacle Studio, which is a better-than-Movie Maker editor that won't burn a hole in your pocket like some of the big names out there. It's similar to Power Director, which is another one.

I usually download all my RAWs on Nyaatorrents or I even extract them from any of the episodes that are in MKV format.

Linking to torrent websites is against the rules, so that's all I can do to help, from my end. If you'd like more clarifications, you always have the option of sending me a PM. (A simple search on Google, might answer most of your questions though. ;3)

It's nice to see another staff member taking part in this! :D
Also, thank you for recommending Pinnacle Studio and Power Director, I'll make sure to add them to the Recommended Software List and mention your useful input.

Since I'm basically done with my studies, I might give it a shot. If I can find something decent to base it on, haven't made an amv in awhile.

I don't know if I skimmed this, but can we use multiple animes in one video?

Ok, I'm in! :D
I just managed to find everything I need ^^

@n1xx I need help. Today I got strike for using Tokyo TV's content in one of my AMVs. How to avoid this? And, is it even possible to legally avoid it?


You are free to feature more than one anime in your AMV.

Also, in case you haven't done so already, I'll please ask you to read the rules on the first page, before starting any of your editing. ;3

There are indeed very easy ways to avoid such consequences. As an example, you can either mirror or even add a watermark to your AMV. (There are countless videos on Youtube that explain very well how to do both of these steps.)

If you're planning on inserting a watermark, I would recommend for it to cover the ones already present on your anime frames(the drawings/symbols at the top-right corner of the screen, those are called watermarks, which claim ownership). In spite of this, if you hide TV Tokyo's watermark, there's a high chance that they cannot claim ownership of your AMV.

In addition, I also recommend for you to credit the anime studio and the music that you are using. (Details on how to do this, can be found on the first page.)

If you have any more questions concerning this, feel free to PM me or reply on this thread. (I hope I was able to help.)

@n1xx Hmm, still, it's somehow "illegal" avoiding. When I got strike, I had to watch that stupid Happy Three Friends copyright school. And it says that if I just used content from someone other (doesn't matter if it's anime or music), or just part of it, I'm breaking laws. :S
So I think even crediting them will not help.

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