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The Colorless AMV Contest! (Winners Announced!) (Thread) - Page 17

these better turn out epic.

Okay, I can never vote again here for some reason. It always shows an error.

Im posting it now cuz i dont think i'll have time to finish it before the 25 :S


As it has been done with the first round, precisions in what concerns the exact deadline time and day will be given in this post. Furthermore, after a long wait, prizes have finally been discussed and decided for this round.

Deadline Precisions

Similar to what has been decided in the past, the deadline's exact time will be at 11:59 PM(Eastern Timezone), on the evening placed between Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of November.

Shortly after this time, a poll will be available for all of the users in this community. All entries will be included in this poll, easily identifiable by the AMV's title and the editor's username.

If, like @Mairu_Orihara, you happen to have trouble voting on the poll, I cordially and please invite you to report it to either myself, or even to one of our developers: @Gargron and @Trev. I promise that we'll do our best to try and bring the situation back to normal for you~

In addition, after the deadline, all participants should expect to receive a participation badge, which will be appearing on their profiles. This badge symbolizes the editors' efforts and perseverance, throughout this contest. It's also personal gratitude from the staff, for keeping the community alive, thanks to your active participation! <3

Prizes Revealed

Since this is the first round where prizes will be distributed, test amounts have been chosen for the J-List Gift Certificates that will be handed out, to our Top 3 winners.

The amounts for each gift certificate are given below:

  • 1st Place: 30$
  • 2nd Place: 20$
  • 3rd Place: 10$

It is important to remember that these gift certificates will be given in the form of American Dollars(USD), which is the main charging method on J-List. Since the conversion comes at the end of your checkout, I believe that, if you do not reside in the United States of America, the amount subtracted with the gift certificate, will be done while the content of your cart is still in American Dollars.

As for their distribution, all winners will be invited to submit a valid email address to which the gift certificate will be sent, in the shape of a PDF file. That document will contain a code that is meant to be entered, as one proceeds with their usual checkout on J-List.

For all questions and additional precisions concerning the prizes, please do not hesitate to ask, especially if it might be your first time using J-List. ;]

Last but not least, the amounts for the prizes might vary in the following rounds. If they do, they are most likely to be of a higher value than what has been announced above. 8D

Shortly, I'll be sending you a helpful PM, concerning this issue. However, there are chances that a developer might have taken care of it, before then. Please keep me updated if ever you see any changes to your situation. ;]

I'm glad that you made it just in time! I always enjoy watching the originality of your works. ;3

Experiencing Tiny Technical Difficulties

It seems that myself, and a few others of this site's users, are experiencing a bug that is preventing us from editing the content of certain posts. In my situation, I cannot modify the poll, now that the deadline has been met. For now, this issue does not enable anyone to start voting for the second round's winners.

However, this has been successfully reported and should be dealt with, in the following days. As a fair result, the deadline will be extended, until then.

@n1xx Thnx ^^.I didn't had time to sync half of it or use effects :(.

Good luck to all !


During the lapse of time taken to fix the post-editing bug, I have received numerous complaints about the poll system not working, for quite a huge number of users. As a result, a board of judges will be created, rather than using polls to determine the future winners. On another note, precisions will be added for the possibility of a third round to this contest.

Judges instead of polls (Recruiting!)

For quite some time, the poll system has caused quite some trouble to the users who have already voted at least once on this thread. Actually, if a new poll was created in the same thread they voted in, in the past, it would sometimes result in an error message, leading to their impossibility to vote.

In order to fix this issue and give a fair chance to all of the participants, a board of judges will be established to replace the polls. I am currently recruiting, approximately ten Colorless members, to complete this job.

If ever you are interested to take on the status of a judge for this round, here are a few responsibilities that are expected of you:

  • Watching all of the entries with the same focus and interest.
  • Posting your Top 3 choices, on this thread, before the given deadline.
  • If possible, adding feedback is always appreciated, but not obligatory.

Certain conditions apply:

  • The candidate must be registered on this website, since at least one month.
  • Participants from the current round cannot be judges.
  • Users that have participated in past rounds, but that are not participating in the current one, can be judges.

(Note 1: Judges will be given approximately one week to post their choices.)

If, after reading the precisions above, you'd like to apply as a judge for this round, I humbly invite you to send me a PM with your application. ;]

(Note 2: The board of judges will be announced, once a fair amount of candidates have shown interest.)

All depending on the amount of applicants, I will try to construct the board of judges to be as diversified as possible, in order to get a good range of opinions. Furthermore, this method might assure fair and coherent results.

If ever questions or suggestions arise, concerning this alternative, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts!

Round 3 Discussion

As mentioned in the subject above, countless members have been having trouble with the poll system lately, which does not guarantee the results obtained in the latest poll.

As a result, it would be preferable if the users could express their interest or disinterest for a future round, by please posting in this thread, or by sending me a private message.

In addition, if a third round is in fact requested by users, they are also welcome of suggesting new themes and regulations.

I would like to thank you all for your current and future collaboration, whether you are an editor, a judge or even a watcher! All my sincere gratitude to those who are helping to keep this contest moving forward. ;>

I am willing to withdraw and participate as a judge in this round if it is needed.

Guess I could be a judge

I vote for a love theme next! Just cause I have so many ideas for it <33

i vote for "character tribute" as the next theme! itll be a set theme but still give us a lot of freedom.

Character tribute would be pretty cool indeed.

We aren't doing theme nominations yet, but I think something with a positive emotion would be nice. The opposite of angst, if you will.

Totally want to be a Judge and I agree with @VivoDePyre here with the anti-angst category. I'm going for humor~


After a long wait, the judge panel is finally ready to be revealed, as well as the judging categories. Furthermore, members are also free of suggesting themes for the, now confirmed, third round!

Judges and the Evaluation Categories

Before we begin with category descriptions, I present to you the judges who will be completing the evaluation, in the following week:

@Hutch Hutchenson

All members of this panel will be judging, based on the four following categories, each having a value of ten points:

  1. Synchronization(/10): The grade is given based on the editor's ability to have properly timed the audio track with the events in the video.

  2. Rendering(/10): This is somewhat like evaluating the overall quality of the AMV, but by only considering the final scaling. As an example, if the frames appear stretched or if the resolution changes from one scene to another, points will be removed.

  3. Theme Representation(/10): Angst is the objective of this round. Evaluation will be based on how well the AMV represents this theme.

  4. Originality(/10): As the title says it, this category gives freedom to the evaluators, in what concerns their views on the originality of an AMV. Points will mostly be given out, based on never-before-seen content.

Finally, all members of the panel will at least be posting their Top 3 AMVs, followed by short textual evaluations. Once all have submitted their final choices, an average will be calculated with these, in order to conclude who will be the proud winners of the J-List gift certificates!

The final results are to be expected in approximately a week from now and the participation badges will be distributed to all judges and participants, before then.

On an ending note, I wish good luck to all of the editors!
And let the evaluations begin!

Entries - Round 2

Lonely Eyes by @break (Click the thumbnail to view.)

Façade of the Fallen by @Noodle

Deadly Angst by @Mairu_Orihara

Regret by @Rommel175

Extinction by @Lotto

New Born by @Kitto

Round 3 - Confirmed

I am pleased to announce that, thanks to all of the interest and positive feedback that this contest has received, we will be moving on to another round, in the near future.

As a result, please do not hesitate to suggest more themes! After the grand winners of this round will be announced, I shall be regrouping all theme suggestions and will draw, out of a hat, the next one for this contest.

@VivoDePyre & @InsaneBoredGame

I think something with a positive emotion would be nice. The opposite of angst, if you will.

I humbly agree that we should encourage variety, while still considering the themes recommended by the community. ;­]

*cough Cough -shifts to Old Spice Voice- *

Hello contestants, this is MyogiWarrior34 bringing you absolute jurisdiction over this audio visual presentations that are presented before us in the heralds of colorless.

-end Old Spice imitation-

Translation? I'm here to post my judging & critiques about the videos.

First: My Top 3:
1. Lonely Eyes
2. New Born
3. Regret

In that order.

Individual grading:

CL contest, theme: Angst (negativity due to unbearable events/rage)

These are words, not from me as a CL member; but as a video editor and a judge. So for the record, I'll be somewhat strict with these criticisms but don't be surprised if you think you don't deserve the grades I made as I give considerations as well for effort.

1. Noodle's Facade of the Fallen:
Overall: 7/10

Majority are well sync'd but I was expecting that on the intense/accented beats & strums of the guitar where a well-timed frame changes. The last few seconds of the video showed a rushed effort to sync the characters' appearances to the beat and would've been done better by hastening and slowing some portions of the video down.

480 was good for the video's resolution and is constant all out but there were minimal scenes where they seem to be more detailed than the rest and only minimal scenes seem blurry even with the lighting effects (during the scenes)

Theme Representation: 5/10
Having known FMA, I was hoping for more of the scenes that triggered rage within the characters like More Scar and Huges' death scenes... This video had too many smirky faces & too many smiling scenes making it out of place compared to the theme.

Originality: 8/10
The music was faintly familiar to me when I heard the intro though the blend of the music with the anime is good; but it's like something that the FMA makers can still do. An exceptionable attempt though it's not out of the ordinary nor would we conclude as generic either.

2. Mairu_Orihara's deadly angst:
Overall: 7/10

Sync: 7/10
Some scenes were a frame or two behind and transitions on the other hand were nicely timed to the song; most of them actually but the unconstant frame rate makes it hard to tell of the syncing.

FPS scenes were unstable as some were on 15 fps while the rest were on 30; it wasn't constant.

Majority of the scenes in the video depict the theme quite well; though not all. Rain & Tears or shots from a horror anime well depict angst and the selection was good. Having include K-on however was something off theme unless having used more head-down hoodie Mio shots could've sufficed

Originality: 8/10
The blend of Western Music with Eastern Videos aren't something special but this shows some promise as an AMV. Frame rate improvements would've made this stood out.

3. Break's Lonely Eyes top 1
Overall: 8.5/10

I can tell which parts the editor was planning to have the transition or frame change but was between frames or seconds apart. Where the scene shows "monster" and "friend" however, I suggest having that a split second shot lasting 10 frames only not an entire second to give the feel of "what was that?" and could've timed it better with the bass.

Rendering: 7/10
for some reason, some scenes were blurry and some were clear, midway for example. And a better way to end this AMV was with either a bloom or a fade as a random cut while it's still in motion wouldn't suffice.

Theme: 10/10
Combining the scene along with the song highly depicts angst; especially scenes where your beloved/friend is stabbed and killed/burnt right infront of you and suddenly something came out in you, not to mention being considered as inhuman to the ones you wish to protect. Death infront of your eyes and the will to protect is one of the common ways to depict angst and this video shows that well. You can definitely feel the emotions rising and wrapping you with it.

Originality: 9/10
This is one anime that I (a) never seen before or (b) seen but can't remember and not exposing the title or the vid's familiarity/origin (such as showing the anime's title) makes it enigmatic to my thoughts. The feeling is very full of sympathy; you could feel what the lead boy is feeling. Though this could easily be depicted using another Anime with the same features so it's not entirely original. The scene however was very Final Fantasy-like; well to me in a sense... or some game/series I'm familiar with.

4. Lotto's Extinction
Overall: 7/10

Sync: 9/10
The best bit of this was when the implosion happened at the start and majority of the scenes & gunshots were well timed and taken into consideration. There were some dull moments however and some quick-half second transitions could've killed the boredom and the sudden rapid boost in beats could've been represented by random frame-by-frame scenes.

Rendering: 8/10
For a HD video, it feels a bit pixellated. Byt this was only evident for a few frames and scenes. 720 could've sufficed for this quality as 1080 is a bit too much in my opinion.

Theme: 3/10
How could dubstep help depict angst? And there's no happiness in being angst. The correlatted scenes depicting angst were highly minimal and were more of fear of death/dying or for some scenes, trying to act like a badass but failing and dying in the process (example? Guy in dreadlocks in the vid)

Original? Yes but does it blend well? I don't think so, IMHO but for some it might. Out of the ordinary it may be but not everyone's a dubstep lover nor finds dubstep interesting, me inclusive sad to say, having heard of it or not. It does stand out compared to the other videos in terms of anime use, music & resolution but most of the time. Yes it's highly original and no one would've expected an Angst + Dubstep AMV but the greatest factor me: it's the content & rhythm is what makes an AMV stand out. Might I take out the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood W.A.R. AMV as an example?

5. Rommel175's Regret top 3

Most scenes where it transitions or changes frames are a beat off or ahead; not to mention the inclusion of the in-story dialogue; it would've worked if it coincided with the song. When adding the dialogue, it would've worked if you'd minimize the volume. Ending would've NOT been cut off then and there and could've let the song finish before cutting or having it fade.

Rendering: 7/10
Some of the audio is imbalanced. Some were extremely soft, such as "You stay away from me" and some were extremely loud. As for the video quality, it's constant and not blurry for a 720p video.

Theme: 8/10
Majority of the scenes are depressing in a way and goes with the theme of angst; the things we do despite our own wishes. However these more show the consequences of angst rather than angst instead. But having the important elements of the theme would be enough to suffice and soft guitar strums & humming made it coincide with the feeling as well.

Originality: 9/10
Having not watched TriGun, and seeing it as an 'archived' anime for those searching for something new, this shows some promise as something you'd not expect.

6. Kitto's New Born top 2
Overall: 8.5/10

Sync: 7/10
The syncing of the scenes with the beats was well thought of what scenes to depict and not just transitioning on time. But as the scene goes on, there were dull moments and some were even off cue when transitioning. Apparently, as the video continues, there were more dull moments than action ones and the latter was more evident 3/4 way of the video. A balanced shot of action & non-action scenes could've made it better with appropriate syncing with the soundtrack.

Rendering: 10/10
As far as I can see, nothing in terms of quality was compromised and was constant all through out. Nothing more I could say on this part, for an HD video that is.

Theme: 10/10
I think Ai Emma's the one holding the theme altogether. The sudden pace of the song kinda helped with making the theme the star. At first it may seem as everyone has a common feeling of the theme but when Ai Emma appears, it is where everything we know of Angst belongs to a little girl with red scary eyes. If Angst was depicted as a character; Ai Emma might be that character. The scenes were well selected would be the video's top card.

Originality: 7/10
Hell Girl + Rock is something I wouldn't expect. So for me, it's a first and original in its own way. And it's a good blend of during & after shots, as a series. As an AMV however, it's quite long compared to most AMV's that last 4-5 minutes maximum. Due to its lengthiness, I don't think it would be something that you'd watch over and over & not get tired of. If the duration was shortened, it's something you'd actually look for (for me, seeing Ai Emma go el Loco was something unexpected and what I'd watch again just to find out the source, if the video wasn't that long to start with)

And this is where I end my judging. I wish you well for the criticisms & rankings of the rest of the judges and I bid you all a job well done.

Yours Truly,

Creator of Supido no Densetsu
CL Round 2 AMV Contest Judge
(Official FB Fan page. Like & Support)

P.S. I could've given more love to @Mairu_Orihara's entry as much as I loved hers but I don't wanna be biased. But I still love you Maiwu!

@MyogiWarrior34 thanks, im very happy, didnt expect the first judge to instantly like my very first AMV best~ ah the Anime's name is Densetsu no yuusha no densetsu (th elegend of the legendary heroes); the title is a bit derpy, but the story is VERY good, i highly recommend it. its only downside is that teh 24 episodes anime only aapts the first 11 novels whihc could be considered the prologue, actually; well ill jst continue hoping for a second season, its not unlikely after all.
amd yes, i see the problems with it too; the blurrines of some scenes and clearness of some scenes might be due to me using two different video sources (TV release and BD release), but yeah, the other mistakes are to blame on me and my lack of experience as an editor..

Myogi there is only 1 thing that i want to say about your critique that for the most part is fair, and, I have to say, very well done.

the "You Stay away from me, you hear!" is part of the song, and i couldn't have possibly done anything about that being more or less soft or loud, and i did try. But though, that probably just points to my inability as a video editor, but i do see your point.

and this is just something i want to say. I love getting people to look at AMV's in General and get stories, and i don't think something as complex as Angst can be properly portrayed unless in story. yes there can be great visuals, but unless there is a cohesive whole: visuals, song, and story TO ME, can't portray the theme properly.

THAT SAID, I'm not an judge, so i have no say in that regard

I did my best!xD I am actually suprised with that cause I prefer much more happy kind of things. I still have myself as #1 in my heart!... Even if I did wanna vote for @Noodle again...
P.S. I love you too Myogi ;w; <3 I'm fine with harsh things;I learn from them (most times) and it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all.

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