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Indeed we do. But that is unrelated to this thread.

I really appreciate your feedback Myogi. I wonder though, since you also take effort into account, did you note that the only effort I made with in this round was removing the intro of my old amv?

Outlawing AMV's should be outlawed.
I really wish I had more time to spend on this contest!
Cheering for Noodle 'cuz he's my bro, ok thanx

I'll have to participate in this, next time!

Time to flood the thread with my 3 page wall of text. You might want to just scroll to your own grade, rather than read everything. Also, I didn't proofread any of this, so grammatical errors abound.

Lonely Eyes by @break

Synchronization (3/10): No evidence of rhythmic timing, some emotional timing (based upon the song's content, rather than technical structure)

Rendering (7/10): While I'm not sure what the source looked like, the composition looked slightly blurry and the opening credit text showed signs of compression.

Theme Representation (7/10): Didn't find myself moved, but the theme was there. It was sad and bad stuff happened, etc. Some points where due for understanding angst and choosing appropriate scenes.

Originality (5/10): Nothing special. I mean no offense, but the project clearly lacked effort beyound scene clipping. Could easily tell that some clips lasted for a good 20-30 seconds without being clipped once, no effects or anything. Saw perhaps one fade transition, but it looked like it could belong in the show so I can't call it either way.

EDIT: Changed Originality to 5, from 3. Went back to re-watch the video, because my score strayed far from other judges. Some more unique sections than I gave credit for, putting score at average.

TOTAL: 22/40

Facade of the Fallen by @Noodle

Synchronization (6/10): Many scenes were well synchronized, but not consistently good. High usage of opening credits leads to unsynchronized beats when not clipped. A couple scenes transitioned on the wrong beats, and a few scenes lasted longer or shorter for simplicity.

Rendering (10/10): Looked good enough. There isn't much to say here. It isn't exactly high definition, but it doesn't look bad either. Better than the bear average.

Theme Representation (3/10): Unfortunately, this is lacking for your submission. While it has negative scenes, it wasn't negative as a whole. No angst particularly present.

Originality (5/10): I like that you combined scenes from the first series and second. However, I went back and looked. The only scenes from the second series were in opening themes. Opening themes can be handy, but are rather cheap. A large sum of the video were people posing and switching places. Still, there was some clip variation in other places, so you earn the average score.

TOTAL: 24/40

Deadly Angst by @Mairu_Orihara

Synchronization (8/10): It's not perfect, but it's there. In fact, it's pretty good. I'm too picky personally, so you couldn't get a 10/10. Some scenes were slightly off, and nothing went above in beyond for timing (doing beats other than the 4th beat in a measure). However, understanding how measure to meausure timing works nets you some points.

Rendering (5/10): I hate to give such an ugly low score, but the video quality was plain ugly. =[ Some clips had water marks in the corners, others had pixelation to the point of looking like a gif. It was wasn't good. Frame rates jumped around, leaving scenes inconsistant.

Theme Representation (6/10): Breaking the Habit certainly meets the criteria of Angst, and you certainly found plenty of sad crying people. It didn't, however, hold a plot or a theme. It wasn't cohesive. Slightly better than average, but could have been more connected or selective in clips.

Originality (7/10): Watching your videos is usually pretty fun. While they have their issues, you use a lot of different Anime. The clips you choose don't seem to be taken from one single source, like an opening theme pack or a matter of a couple episodes.

Total 26/40

Regret by @Rommel175

Synchronization (8/10): Pretty good synchronization. It's hard to lip-sync well, so kudos for at least trying. It was good, but not fantastic.

Rendering (9/10): I'm not sure what your source material is, but it could have been higher quality. The video had the annoying funimation watermark but also important, the audio was grainy when they talked. You probably did the best you could with what you had, and it didn't look like there was compression from editing. If any material is lost during the editing, that's what this category is really for.

Theme Representation (9/10): Yaaaaay! Theme representation! I loved the song and anime combination. Hurt by Johnny Cash isn't quite angst by stereotype, but it's a wonderful sad song that goes great with Trigun. More importantly than the combination is that you pulled it off. I honestly haven't seen that far into Trigun, and I was able to understand what was going on. The only reason you didn't get the 10 was because the last section was a little harder to follow.

Originality (7/10): There were some cool aspects to the AMV, for sure. Using the character's voice on top of the song, using flashbacks to help keep the story coherent. However, some of the voices didn't fade in and out well. The things that made your video unique also brought down some of the quality. They were great ideas, but could be better executed. You get better than average for the attempt, at the least.

TOTAL: 33/40

Extinction by @Lotto

Synchronization (10/10): If anything, your synchronization is great. It's not perfect, but it's the best I've seen in this competition. It's close to perfect, but some of the bullet collisions got lazy toward the end. This is in no way an insult, and you got the 10. However, just know that there is room for improvement possibly. I loved the opening part, before the wub dub bass stuff started.

Rendering (10/10): I really don't like the magnitude of this category, or the confines of it. Yes, you have a 10 in this as well, but it doesn't mean much. It means that your video doesn't have pixelation from compression or frame disparity from trying to speed up or slow a clip too much. 10 doesn't mean you're super special, it means you didn't screw up.

Theme Representation (5/10): I suppose angst can be difficult to understand, but this didn't really hit the mark. You provided dubsteb and a stoic assassin. There was some sadness at the end, with the mousr and that guy crying on the floor. However, I really have no idea what's going on with either of those, and the song doesn't exactly inspire sadness. In this video, angst is an after thought rather than a theme.

Originality (8/10): Syncing to actions within the clip, rather than the transition of the clip, is really classy. Big kudos to that one, even if said actions were all gun shots. Secondly, the start of the AMV was rather unique, made me interested to keep watching. Originality is high. However, most of your transitions were fades. Not much eye-candy, aside from the two scene layering towards the beginning.

TOTAL: 32/40

New Born by @Kitto

Synchronization: (6/10): It was there. Not much else to say beyond that. It was mildly well synced, a few things were synched weirdly, but I'll place it above average. Nothing special or out of place, nothing offensive, just a little bit off kilter.

Rendering (10/10): Nothing wrong here. Same old, same old.

Theme Representation (5/10): I was about to score this pretty low, than I recalled something. Halloween was originally an optional theme, but it got rubbed out due to what seemed like a lack of interest. With the benefit of the doubt, I'll assume you were going for that. However, there is a large lack of cohesiveness. I honestly have no idea what I just watched. Perhaps if I had watched Demon Girl, I would have an idea what's going on. However, I shouldn't need to watch the series to understand the AMV. I can't say that it fit a theme if I didn't really understand what was going on. Again, all I got out of it was that it should be creepy.

Originality (4/10) Unfortunately, not many points here either. You had a lot of scenes of people staring at things. It didn't convey a story or tread into anything different than the scene, change scene, change scene format. While it had some redeeming technical display, a lot of it was misplaced or bad scene were chosen.

TOTAL: 25/40

1st place: Extinction by Lotto with 33/40
2nd place: Regret by Rommel175 with 33/40
3rd place: Deadly Angst by Mairu_Orihara 26/40

A quick explanation of my choices. Lotto and Rommel were really close in my mind. While Lotto had better technical execution, Rommel interpreted the theme better. I've been sitting for awhile, switching the two back and forth. If I could, I would choose both of them as first. It really boiled down to finesse. Lotto's AMV was more polished, more professional looking. While Romell ran REALLY close behind, the lack of sophistication in editing prevented me from giving it first place instead. However, fantastic job to both of you.

Hi guys!

First of all, I want to congratulate to everyone participating in this round. To be honest, I didn't think your works would be so diverse and well-made. I can see that you put a lot of effort into your work.
So, here's my judgement (it sounds so serious :O ):

My top 3 choices:
1.Extinction by Lotto
2.Regret by Rommel175
3.Lonely Eyes by Break

Let's see the AMVs one by one:

Lonely Eyes by Break

Synchronization 8/10
It doesn't really have a rhythmic timing, nor does it need it. Still, the scene changes aren't perfect at all.

Rendering 7/10
Most of the video has no quality problems, but the end is really ugly.
Theme Representation 10/10
The video is full of sadness, it contains strong emotions. No problems here. :)

Originality 7/10
The scenes are well chosen, but the editing isn't too creative.

Overall: 8/10

Façade of the Fallen by Noodle

Synchronization 9/10
Some parts where off, nevertheless well synchronized.

Rendering 9/10
Some parts were a bit blurry, but it's still good quality.

Theme Representation 4/10
Here's the real problem. There were some scenes depicting angst, but most of the video is too action-oriented.

Originality 7/10
It was an original idea to mix the scenes of the first and the second adaptation of FMA, but in my opinion it's not too original to put so many opening scenes into an amv.

Overall: 7.25/10

Deadly Angst by Mairu_Orihara

Synchronization 9/10
It has some flaws, bit all in all it's well synchronized.

Rendering 3/10
This is the weak point of this AMV. Most of the scenes are like gif images. Id it's because you wanted to slow them down, well, it didn't work.

Theme Representation 7/10
Mostly it depicts angst quite well, but some parts were too positive in my opinion.

Originality 10/10
It's really original. It uses a lot of animes and it's also refreshing that you used some the manga pages at the beginning.

Overall: 7.25/10

Regret by Rommel175

Synchronization 7/10
Most of the scenes are well synchronized, especially that headshot, but the cut-off at the end is quite troublesome.

Rendering 8/10
There's no problem with the video, but there are some problems with the voices. Some of them are too loud and some of them are too quiet.

Theme Representation 10/10
Perfectly fits the theme. Just as the title says, it's full of regret.

Originality 9/10
It was a really good idea to use this song and the voice-usage is also an interesting choice, though I think it would be more effective to use text instead of it.

Overall: 8.5/10

Extinction by Lotto

Synchronization 7/10
It uses a lot of timing, but only the half of them or so are really on spot.

Rendering 10/10
No problems here, it's quality is really good.

Theme Representation 8/10
The ending is full of angst and in my opinion the dubstep fits to the theme too, though it makes it a bit too action-oriented.

Originality 10/10
It was a great idea to use the rythm of the music for the timing of the shots (though as I've mentioned it isn't perfect). The beginnning is also quite creative.

Overall: 8.75/10

New Born by Kitto

Synchronization 6/10
Some parts were quite well synchronized, but a lot of scenes are too long or slow compared to the music.

Rendering 10/10
There are no problems here, fine quality.

Theme Representation 8/10
Most of it depicts angst quite well, but some parts were a bit... boring.

Originality 7/10
The beginning is really good, but as the video progresses I can't really follow what's going on, though it seems like the video is supposed to tell me a story.

Overall: 7.75/10

Again, good job everyone! I really enjoyed watching your work! I hope I'll be able to participate in the next round as an AMV maker. :)

Well finaly done lookig through all of the vids and this is my choice
3.lonely eyes
it was a hard decision for 3rd place

Lonely Eyes by @break
Sync(8/10):didnt have a lot if sync, but it didnt really need it
Rendering(10/10): I don't see any problems
Theme Representation(9/10):followed the theme for the most part
Originality(7/10):Feels generic, though pretty good

Façade of the Fallen by @Noodle
Sync(9/10):almost perfect, but some scenes are not completly sync
Rendering(10/10):there are no problems from what i see
Theme Representation(4/10):though i like the video, it does not follow the them most of the time.
Originality(8/10):it is fine, but i can see more potential out of this vid

Deadly Angst by @Mairu_Orihara
Sync(8/10):some times the video doesnt sync with the music
Rendering(9/10):video qualityis not perfect but isnt and sound is fine
Theme Representation(8/10):some parts of the video to me didnt feel like the theme
Originality(7/10):seen this a lot

Regret by @Rommel175
Sync(8/10):some of the scenes should be cut
Rendering(8/10):its fine, but there are some sound problems
Theme Representation(10/10):no problem
Originality(10/10):its pretty good

Extinction by @Lotto
Sync(8/10): some arnt sync
Rendering(10/10) no problems
Theme Representation(8/10):stayed on topic, but the fighting scenes kinda changed my decision
Originality(10/10):it is pretty good

New Born by @Kitto
Sync(8/10):some of the vid is
Rendering(10/10):I dont think there are problems
Theme Representation(9/10):some scenes to me dont show angst
Originality(8/10):great beginning, the ending kinda lost the story later on

  1. Extinction
  2. New Born
  3. Facade of the Fallen

Lonely Eyes
Synchronization(7.5/10): Editor succeeded in giving the AMV a story-like feel. However, some scenes (especially the dialogue bits) dragged on a bit too long.
Rendering(6.5/10): AMV starts off fairly balanced in quality, jumps a bit in that department, only to end rather terribly. Panning from scene to scene became rather excessive.
Theme Representation(10/10): I felt the angst and the emo emotion. The sympathetic feelings almost made me puke. Good job.
Originality(7.5/10): Let it be known that I have no goddamn idea what anime this is from. Let it also be known that the “Villian Origin Angst” was detected from a mile away.

Façade of the Fallen by @Noodle
Synchronization(9.5/10): Felt like another FMA opening. Scenes just seemed to fit the feel of the song, despite the fact I had no idea what the lyrics meant…
Rendering(8.5/10): Transitions were fluid but there were minor jumps in video quality…
Theme Representation(5/10): This AMV was made of uncensored pure awesome. Unfortunately, it wasn’t really angsty. More “OMFG, THAT IS THE COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN”.
Originality(8.5/10): FMA is seriously popular, so this would be overdone if it didn’t take the angst meter and shove it aside. I enjoy the fact that it doesn’t focus on one person or event but the crapsackness of their world in general.

Deadly Angst
Synchronization(7/10): The AMV for the most part synched well enough with the musical aspect of the song. Some sequences were repetitive and really threw off the song, though…
Rendering(4.5/10): Seems like a random collection of moments from different series, varying greatly in quality and feel. There was no flow to be established.
Theme Representation(5/10): AMV was pretty flat, angst-wise. Besides some shots of people crying, the ending, and the whining that is Linkin Park, I wasn’t really feeling it. Too many happy/silly shots.
Originality(9.5/10): I have never seen an AMV like this. Was it intentionally a mindscrew? Congrats Mairu, you made my brain hurt. Why am I still thinking about this?
Synchronization(6/10): Scenes(speaking ones especially)seemed to interrupt the song rather than flow with it.
Rendering(7/10): Doesn’t really flow well, jumps around a bit. Decent video quality maintained, though.
Theme Representation(6/10): Don’t really know whether it is because of my asshatness or not but this AMV really made me laugh. AMV tried to be angsty but came off more as a parody of angst. I blame it on the song choice.
Originality(6/10): I’ve seen this done a lot. A lot.

Synchronization(10/10): Anime looked like it was made for the song. Serious Awesomeness.
Rendering(10/10): Pacing was perfect (or as close to it as you can get). High-quality consistent shots, all that jazz~
Theme Representation(9/10): Wasn’t the first thing I’d think of when describing angst, but has the feel and all of the associated emotions.
Originality(10/10): The almost lack of words really brought out pretty much everything else. Only thing similar was your previous AMV.

New Born
Synchronization(9/10): A bit off with the feel of the song, but otherwise perfect.
Rendering(8.5/10): Timing seemed kinda weird. Flowed pretty well, though.
Theme Representation(10/10): This creepy yet normal whiny is the peak of the angst mountain. You made me love angst.
Originality(9.5/10): I like the fact you went for creepy Halloween horror as well as regular angst. I see it combined so very few times.

After a long moment of reflection and reviewing, I've come to the conclusion that my top three choices are:

  1. Lonely Eyes by @break
  2. Extinction by @Lotto
  3. Regret by @Rommel175

Before beginning the reading of my evaluations, I would like to first point out, like it has already been mentioned by @MyogiWarrior34, that these evaluations are made based on my video-editing experience and on general popular expectations. All that has been said about the AMVs, has been done in the most transparent of ways.


Deadly Angst by @Mairu_Orihara

  • Synchronization (9/10): In comparison of all the other perfectly-synchronized scenes, those that aren't seem to have a higher impact on the viewer. This is more noticeable during the K-On!! sequences.
  • Rendering (7/10): Resolution changes can be seen during the Bakemonogatari cutscenes. Even though the animation studio of that anime(SHAFT) is used to having its own style, it is still a drastic visual change for the viewer. Furthermore, a small portion of the pixel quality has been lost.
  • Theme Representation (8/10): Angst was felt more from middle to end. Rest assured that those scenes did bring shivers down my spine.
  • Originality (8/10): Linkin Park music is quite overused in AMVs and often not well-applied to the scenes they contain. However, this video was able to get the best out the music's meaning. Effects were applied reasonably and had a good blending. Finally, the fact that the anime series featured in this, are not to be expected in an angst AMV, makes this quite remarkable.

  • Average: 32/40

Extinction by @Lotto

  • Synchronization (8/10): Good overall synchronization of scenes with the music(especially the gunshots at the beginning), but it does feel like something is missing. Adding effects would have made this quite a remarkable entry.
  • Rendering (10/10): Frame size has been preserved, throughout the whole video. No loss of pixel quality is perceivable.
  • Theme Representation (9/10): This isn't the representation of angst that is generally encountered in anime, but an emotional weight is felt, nonetheless. In fact, the mixture of absent-minded facial expressions and despair, make this AMV quite worthy of an angst genre. Furthermore, a dying animal companion is quite a considerable angst factor.
  • Originality (9/10): Unique concept delivered by different character angles and dubstep music. The anime series is not one that we tend to always encounter in AMVs. With added effects, this video would have definitely received a perfect mark for originality.

  • Average: 36/40

New Born by @Kitto

  • Synchronization (7/10): The music seems to only be in good synchronization at peak emotional points. More scene cuts would have made the events more meaningful.
  • Rendering (10/10): Frame size has been preserved, throughout the whole video. No loss of pixel quality is perceivable.
  • Theme Representation (8/10): Like with the synchronization, the angst is only felt at certain spots of the AMV. Again, more scene cuts would have added more meaning to the occurring events.
  • Originality (7/10): While Jigoku Shoujo is an anime series that is often seen in dramatic anime music videos, the originality of the song slightly compensates this factor.

  • Average: 32/40

Façade of the Fallen by @Noodle

  • Synchronization (9/10): Synchronization seems to be lost in the middle of the video, but other events blended incredibly well. On a personal note, it's a shame that we didn't get to see Envy's evil grin at 2:23.
  • Rendering (8/10): For a 480p video, there seems to be some pixel loss. This is probably due to using a certain rendering template offered in the video-editing program.
  • Theme Representation (6/10): This unfortunately would be more of an action AMV, rather than one that fits the angst profile. Fullmetal Alchemist being an anime series which holds countless dramatic and painful situations, a better grade would have been given in this category, if more of those scenes were present.
  • Originality (10/10): As J-Rock music is not rare with Fullmetal Alchemist videos, this grade might seem too generous at first. However, special consideration has been given for constructing such a good AMV, only by using opening sequences.

  • Average: 33/40

Lonely Eyes by @break

  • Synchronization (10/10): Unlike with the other videos, where scene cuts fit the music peaks, this AMV has a particular way of showing its synchronization. It may feel off at first, when compared to the others, but it is quite a perfect music pace fitting the story that is shown to us.
  • Rendering (8/10): There seems to be some pixel quality loss. This is probably due to using a certain rendering template offered in the video-editing program.
  • Theme Representation (10/10): The dramatic story of a man who has been through discrimination and pain, is powerful to the point that I was able to feel complete empathy and tended to worry for him.
  • Originality (9/10): The combination of visuals from an anime that is not often presented in AMVs, with the music of a legendary video game that is also quite obscure(.hack//G.U.) has a fresh ring to it. However, scene cuts were rare and their presence might have added more impact to the video.

  • Average: 37/40

Regret by @Rommel175

  • Synchronization (9/10): As with most AMVs, the music seems to be slower at fitting with the scenes, at the beginning. But as the story unfolds, flawless timing is perceived.
  • Rendering (10/10): Frame size has been preserved, throughout the whole video. No loss of pixel quality is noticeable.
  • Theme Representation (7/10): It felt like the characters had a good reason of acting this dramatic, but the reason is absent. One of the main difficulties encountered in AMV-making, is finding those scenes that explain so much, with so little.
  • Originality (9/10): Lots of credit has been given to inserting audio from the original English Trigun dubs. Such additions are quite rare in AMVs. Furthermore, this chosen style of Western music, blended with such an anime style, resulted in quite a never-before-seen experience. However, the uneven volume balance of the added dub sequences, have resulted in the loss of points.

  • Average: 35/40

i have a really good concept for round three. Unorthodox love? love that might be taboo. that would be really interesting to see given what everyone here can do

God,I sucked this round. So badly._.

No, you didn't! All participants did a fantastic job! And for everyone who has taken the time to watch all of the submissions, it's easy and obvious to conclude that you've all given incredible effort.

The fact that you did get a few low results in certain categories, only means that there's still high probability for you to improve considerably! And believe me that once you do, it won't go unnoticed. ;>

You've also made it in @VivoDePyre's Top 3, which demonstrates even more that you have potential. :D

Might you be generally referring to Forbidden Love? If yes, it does indeed sound like an interesting concept to consider. I'll add it to the recommendation list!

It would be a pleasure to have you as a contestant! Registrations for the next round should open in less than a few days. :]

@n1xx you always make me feel good. I know that AMV is horrible though!xD I should have put in more effort..

Not gonna lie. I never judged anything before so feel free to talk all my results with a grain of salt.

1. Break's "Lonely Eyes"
Overall: 33/40

Really well timed.

Rendering: 8/10
For the most part, it was good but there were one or two spots that were kinda blurry.

Theme: 9/10
Definetly very angsty. (I don't think that's a real word)

Originality: 8/10
Not having seen whatever anime was used was a plus for me. I'm tired of seeing Naruto/Bleach AMVs all the time.

2. Noodle's "Facade of the Fallen"
Overall: 28/40

Done well. Particularly the beginning in my opinion.

Rendering: 7/10
The only part the bothered me was near the beginning with the smoke.

Theme Representation: 6/10
FMA has plenty of angsty moments for dem emo teens or whatever. Although I noticed you picked a lot of fun loving, hart warming smile scenes. /shrug

Originality: 7/10
This really has nothing t do with anything but it really frakkin bothered me so I was determined to throw it in somewhere. (This has nothing to do with the overall grade). Dem credits. I can't remember if this was on blu ray yet but if it is it should have creditless openings for the parts you used. I dunno. I just always bothers me when people use scenes with subs or credits in amvs.

3. Mairu_Orihara's "Deadly Angst"
Overall: 26/40

Sync: 7/10
Done well.

Rendering: 6/10
Kinda choppy

Theme: 6/10
One question: Why K-on?

Originality: 7/10
Again, K-on. :o Who'd a thought. I did like that it was multiple animes and not just one.

4. Rommel175's "Regret"
Overall: 31/40

Sync: 7/10
The only thing that annoyed me was how the ending just cut off.

Rendering: 7/10
Other than the audio being slightly imbalanced the video quality itself was fine.

Theme: 8/10
Definitively fits. The agony and despair was all there.

Originality: 9/10
it reminded me just how depressing Trigun was at times.

5. Lotto's "Extinction"
Overall: 28/40

Sync: 9/10
Loved it.

Rendering: 8/10
Maybe only one spot where it got pixley.

Theme: 4/10
As awesome as it was to watch her shoot stuff almost the first half of the video had nothing to do with angst.

Originality: 7/10
Cool idea with the dub.

6. Kitto's "New Born"
Overall: /40

Sync: 7/10
The only thing that bothered me was the dull moments where I thought to nyself "K. Now what?"

Rendering: 9/10
Was this thing all in HD? No, seriously?

Theme: 8/10
Depressing just to watch.

Originality: 7/10
Rock in my anime?

I feel I owe you all an apology. I bet you're wondering, "Hey, this seems kinda short and rushed. Like he did it last minute." That's because it was and I did. I've been very busy with back to back shifts between both jobs and haven't had any time to devote to judging this despite volunteering for it. I'm only just now getting home from work and had to rush to finish watching everything. I'm sorry I was unable to devote my full attention. Feel free to simply disregard my results.

Something else I'd like to point out. "Hey, Hutch Hutchenson! You tosser! You didn't follow the format! You were supposed to pick your top and do them in that order or whatever!" Ya, I know. Here's the thing: I'm not much of an angst person. With angst I can't bring myself to really "like" any one of them more than the others. If it was maybe a peppy upbeat theme instead, ya sure.


Edit: Should have something posted in about 30 minutes.

My Top 3:

  1. Regret by @Rommel175
  2. Extinction by @Lotto
  3. Deadly Angst by @Mairu_Orihara

Lonely Eyes - @break

Let me say first of all that I'm not familiar with this anime... so keep that in mind while reading my review.

For me, there was an utter lack of timing throughout. With that said, I think this
category doesn't apply well to the style of this AMV and so I hate to knock you down at all for this. The pace of the song matches the music.... Instead of being
synchronized... it instead flows. Nothing wrong with that.


You were doing so well until the end! I thought the rendering was nice throughout... but then near the end... it's like someone spilled their coffee on a control panel. I had to knock you down for that. You've got to end strong to leave an impression.

Theme Representation(8/10)

I was honestly expecting nothing but fast paced AMVs in order to create an angsty
feeling... In fact I didn't think that could be conveyed in a slower paced video. I was wrong! I thought this AMV did a very nice job of communicating the theme. The insecurity of the boy was palpable before and after he realized he had his power. With that said, the music choice didn't really add to the tension in my opinion. I had to knock you down a little for that.

As I said in the beginning, I'm not familiar with the anime. Therefore it's hard for me to judge its originality. However, based on the AMV, it looks as if you simply strung several long clips together of a few of the more emotional scenes in the anime... and put it to music. I could be completely wrong... and yet... I have to judge based upon my current base of knowledge and how things appear to me. For
someone who has never seen the anime before, I believe that's how it would appear to them as well and therefore it seems to lack originality. For that, I have to go a little harsher for this categeory.


Façade of the Fallen by @Noodle


There were moments throughout where I thought the timing was epic. And yet, I saw
multiple opportunities where the timing could be improved as well as times when good timing was non-existent. With that said... I thought you did an excellent job of making the pace of the amv fit the pace of the song. When the song slowed down, so did the action and vice versa. If not for that, I would have absolutely killed you here :)


Nice job with rendering. No major issues that I can see. With that said, some scenes did appear a tad fuzzy. I expected a little higher quality at 480p

Theme Representation(4/10)

I had to take points off here. Many of the scenes just simply did not fit the theme. Armstrong flexing his muscles in the intro does not equal angst in my book. There were several scenes like this and it really detracted from the theme.


I had to kill you here. I've seen pretty much every AMV out there for FMA... The
clips used... have been used so many times before... Especially the openings and

For the few scenes I hadn't seen used before... they didn't do much for me.


Deadly Angst by @Mairu_Orihara

Some scenes were very jerky. Timing on multiple occasions was close... but during
both scene transitions and in the scenes themselves, either the music was ahead or
behind of what was happening in the video. There we definitely scenes where I thought you nailed it... but there's definitely room for improvement.

There were many scenes throughout that appeared stretched to the point that it was
distracting. Either that or it was a severe change in FPS. As far as simply the
visual quality of the clips though, I thought they looked great. No blurriness, weird rendering artifacts, etc.

Theme Representation(7/10)

Despite the one K-On scene near the beginning as well as a few other scenes that just didn't seem to fit... I think the AMV overall did a very good job of giving off an angsty vibe. The music was an excellent choice and definitely helped in that respect.


Big pointage here. I'm either at least partly familiar or very familiar with all of the animes used... and I have to say, save a few minor exceptions, that the
originality was top notch. There were many occasions where a clip was used that not only contributed to the theme but was also one that I had not seen used before in an AMV. Nicely done.


Regret by @Rommel175


Epic synchronization. This wasn't an AMV where the scenes needed to perfectly match the beat... rather the synchronization was with what was happening in the video. Notable examples include at 3:20 where the song went "If I could start again, a million miles away"... and you showed the scene where Wolfwood was dreaming of his paradise. Also at 3:03 "My empire of dirt" where you switched to a scene of the town. I can really tell the attention to detail. I also felt the small audio clips served to maginify the intensity. Many times, AMV makers will try this but it ends up taking away from it either by interupting the song too much, or just not being relevant to the scene being shown.... so really nice job. A point off for ending a little abruptly.


No problems whatsoever. High quality.

Theme Representation(10/10)

It really helped you that I've seen trigun, because without that prior knowledge, I may have marked you down in this category. For anyone who's seen Trigun, vash is
constantly troubled with anxiety, uncertainy about his decisions, and is depressed
when he is unable to resolve a situation without hurting others. This nails the
definition of angst in my book both with the choice of song, as well as the anime. Well done.


I can't say I've never seen some of those clips used before in an AMV... however,
they were matched so well with the song that it didn't matter. The originality,
similar to what I said in the synchronization section was regarding how well you
matched the songs to the scenes. Which you did flawlessly.


Extinction by @Lotto


Epic synchronization. I think there's a point where too much synchronization becomes annoying. With this AMV though, I thought you reached a very tasteful balance of synchronizing at times of more intense action... and then using the music to simply provide a backdrop for slower scenes. I really liked how you chose scenes that mirrored the the tempo/mood of the song.


No problems here. High quality vid.

Theme Representation(6/10)

I didn't really feel the angst too much on this one. It was more simply focused on
the action. There were brief moments where I saw someone who appeared troubled which was good... but didn't really leave me with an angsty aftertaste.


I can't really mark you down here since I haven't see this anime. But just
considering the sheer number of scenes you used... I can't imagine that you reused
scenes frequently used in other AMVs.... so it all looks very original to me. Also, very nicely matched to the music. As a person who hates dubstep with a passion, I have to say that it was a great fit for the grittiness of this AMV.


New Born by @Kitto


I felt the beginning was absolutely ripe for the syncing. And it appears you may have been attempting to sync it... but it seemed off to me. After the song sped up... I don't feel like you stepped up the action in the video enough to match the tempo of the song. I think that would have added a lot. Throughout, it felt as if you were simply playing clips and little to no effort was spent matching to the beat.... and it really felt to me like opportunities existed to do so but you didn't take advantage of them. I wish the music wouldn't have cut so abruptly. At the end, the music should have faded proportionaly to the video.


No problems here. High quality vid.

Theme Representation(7/10)

It felt pretty angsty. There were scenes of fear, uncertainty, depression. With that said, I felt like the lack of synchronization also hurt you in this category. It's hard for me to put into words... but I think because there was a lack of synchronization... it felt almost boring. And that detracted from how much the scenes, that were angsty, affected me emotionally. I hope that makes sense.
Song seemed good choice for this AMV. I'm not familiar with the song or anime... but it seemed to fit.


Normally, as you may have seen with my evaluations of others... if I hadn't seen the anime... I wouldn't mark down for originality. However, I have to knock you down because this AMV just feels like several clips strung together without any attention to what's happening in the song. It lacks style. I feel like anyone could have taken random clips from this anime... put them all together with this song playing... and achieved the same result. It just didn't do it for me. I think though, if you work on your synchronization... it would help you greatly across the board.


@Hutch Hutchenson I chose K-on because of 2 reasons: 1. I needed a fill-in at the time. 2. I thought maybe it would look nice. Like the singing itself almost as if they are playing/singing it(with deeper voices).

@Fieyr ILoveYou<3 ;w;

i'm going to have to apologize to all of you for not being able to make the deadline for the evaluation. the reason being my mothers surgery and relationship problems.

No apologies needed, especially for reasons such as those. We all go through hard times and it just unfortunately happened to you while you had to get your judging done.

Hopefully, your mother's surgery was a success and your relationship takes a good turn. I wish you the best and please don't worry about the evaluations.


Like the singing itself almost as if they are playing/singing it(with deeper voices).

It looks like I felt exactly what you were trying to deliver with those K-On!! scenes. If I may add some advice to your good idea, more lip synchronization to the lyrics of the music would have made your intention more noticeable. ;]

On another note, I told you that your video was great! <3 (I'm referring to @Fieyr's top choices.)

@Hutch Hutchenson

I feel I owe you all an apology. I bet you're wondering, "Hey, this seems kinda short and rushed. Like he did it last minute." That's because it was and I did.

Your evaluations meet the minimum requirements that were mentioned by PM. Submitting your comments in a brief summary form is also acceptable, as long as it is representative of the grade you have given. On that note, no apology is needed. :P

The main reason why the possibility of summaries were suggested to the judges was simply because this is volunteer work and because it needs to be done during the busy holiday season. In other words, it's quite obvious that not that much work should be requested of you, if it really isn't that necessary in the first place. (This should be fun! :D)

Feel free to simply disregard my results.

They won't be. But if you feel that you need to add more words to your ratings, please do not hesitate to do it, by editing your post. Your grading will not change when you do that, so it won't affect the final results but only enlighten the editor even more on what he/she needs to do, in order to improve in video-editing. However, what I'm proposing is optional and up to your own discretion. ;>

Something else I'd like to point out. "Hey, Hutch Hutchenson! You tosser! You didn't follow the format! You were supposed to pick your top and do them in that order or whatever!"

Your Top 3 choices are simply your three highest scores, or else the grading system would be pointless to determine who has more merit. :]

Just wanted to say, I think @n1xx deserves a round of applause for how well she has conducted the administration of this competition. She was on us judges like white on rice to get this done in time and yet was always willing to work with us to accommodate our lives outside of CL.

She was also always available to provide clarification for users who had questions/concerns.

Her management of this competition should serve as a model for all future projects/competitions.

So yeah, great work :)


Expect this announcement post to be full of diversity!

We'll start off by announcing the winners of the second round, as well as explaining to them how to redeem their prizes. Afterwards, precisions about the third round will be made, such as the chosen theme, expected prizes and judging criteria.

And to finish, the future of this contest will be explained with more details, in what concerns its transition to the new version of the site.

The winners of Round 2

After compiling the hard work of all of the judges, it is with great pleasure that I shall announce the top three winners:

Third Place: Lonely Eyes by @break (5 votes)

Second Place: Extinction by @Lotto (6 votes)

First Place: Regret by @Rommel175 (7 votes)

I would cordially love to congratulate not only the winners, but also all of the participants of the second round! You've all done a remarkable job and have clearly shown that you all have great potential as AMV Makers. I hope that we will have the pleasure of working together again in the third round! <3

Important Precisions for the Winners

This section is exclusively directed at @break, @Lotto and @Rommel175.

In order to be able to receive your well-deserved J-List gift certificates, you will need to supply a valid email address to which they will be sent. For security purposes, it would be preferable if they were sent to me by private message.

As for the expected time of reception of the prize, expect for it to take approximately from seven to fourteen business days(at the latest).

Furthermore, it is also highly recommended for you to check your spam folder, before reporting that you did not receive your prize.

Congratulations again to you three, and happy shopping! ;]

Special Thanks

By experimenting with a judge panel, I've come to the conclusion that it gives out fair and marvelous results, which is why it will also be used in the following rounds of this contest.

As a result, I would like to thank all of the members that have volunteered to be judges. You've been of a great help and you've especially done a remarkable job at the task that was given to you. I hope that some of you will be interested at judging again in the future. ;>

On another thankful note, @OneDollar is to be thanked again for supplying the profile badges of this contest. They spread the love of the contest throughout the site and I feel that they're part of what keeps this project alive!

And thank you so much @Fieyr for appreciating all of the efforts I've made and hopefully all of the ones I will keep on making for this, in the near future. Your words have touched me and boosted my motivation at making this a legendary contest! Again, thank you. <3

Beginning of Round 3

Now that the second round has obtained proper closure, it's time for us to move onto the third round! Four themes have openly been proposed for this round, but only one was lucky enough to be picked out of my hat:
Not only does @break win the second round, but his proposed theme is also being chosen. This may be his lucky day! Go play the lottery or something.

Without any exception, every AMV submitted for round 3 must be a tribute to only one character. Of course, it's not a problem if other personalities are featured with him/her, as long as it is obvious that the video is revolving around the chosen character.

Furthermore, a test deadline has also been established for the third round. For now, it will be scheduled for Friday, March 2nd. However, if there is a better date for any of you, please do not hesitate to propose it. This deadline can easily be moved to another day, according to the participants' availabilities.

Prizes of Round 3 (Double-Up!)

Since we have started quite small with the last round's prizes, I've decided to double their amounts for this round! In other words, the value of each J-List gift certificate according to the winner's rank will be:

  1. First Place: $60
  2. Second Place: $40
  3. Third Place: $20

Again, prizes may vary at every round. The best prediction I can give is that the sum of every rank's value shouldn't result in anything under $100. It is also important to note that the gift certificates are given in the form of American Dollars(USD) which is the same conversion used for the prices shown on the J-List website.

Expected Judging Criteria

Since it is known in advance that this round will feature a judge panel, it is only fair that the judging categories are announced in advance, in order for the editors to be well-aware of what they will be evaluated on.

All criteria will remain the same as in the last round, with small precision changes made to only the Theme Representation category.

  1. Synchronization(/10): The grade is given based on the editor's ability to have properly timed the audio track with the events in the video.

  2. Rendering(/10): This is somewhat like evaluating the overall quality of the AMV, but by only considering the final scaling. As an example, if the frames appear stretched or if the resolution changes from one scene to another, points will be removed.

  3. Theme Representation(/10): A character tribute is the objective of this round. Evaluation will be based on how easy it is to distinguish the AMV's protagonist and how well he/she is represented.

  4. Originality(/10): As the title says it, this category gives freedom to the evaluators, in what concerns their views on the originality of an AMV. Points will mostly be given out, based on never-before-seen content.

The Future of this Contest

As we will eventually be moving to the new and improved model of this site, some of you may wonder if this contest may still exist at that time. The answer is yes. Please do not worry if you do not spot the thread immediately. If necessary, a new thread will be created with the archives that I've kept of all the opening posts.

In other words, if you register for the contest or if you submit a video for the current round, I will already have all of this information archived and will be keeping it on the new site.

Of course, all this will be done within reason. It may be that I will not spot any recent posts made a few hours before the transition, so it is actually better for anyone concerned to double-check once the time comes. ;>

And I think that summarizes everything that needed to be said about the two concerned rounds and the future of this contest. If ever questions arise, please do not hesitate to ask!

You are on the old site. New site is here:

The site has been updated on the 24th December 2011. Please go there when you are finished with the archives.

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