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The Colorless AMV Contest! (Winners Announced!) (Thread) - Page 19

yay, it really may be my lucky day! thrid palyce, yay! unfortunately, the AMV taht scored first is the only one out of the round tahst blocked for my country by youtube! curse you, youtube, curs you! due to content of SME and UMG apparently. curse you, SME and UMG, curse you!

second place sure has some awesome editing, tho the song is so not my kind of music so it shard for me to watch t XD but i understand the choice, the editing is really good.

oh and my theme won too~ i really should go play the lottery.

hm 10 $ JList coupon.. ill prolly buy a tentacle-arm or so.

I'm participating in round three.

Congrats to @Rommel175 :D

Sign me up. I intend to try to win the 3rd round.

Judging was fun but I'll go ahead and compete in this round~

I would like to try again,another thing to pile on my list of doing last minute!

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everybody who participated. I haven't a single qualm with the results, and all the winners deserved to be there. Again, great job to everybody!

And I have every intention to participate next round. Kekeke...

I hope my winning streak will continue, dial me in plz and thank you all for your support and criticism, every bit helps me get better. Nixx you have my e-mail so there you go.

now for me just saying, I got off a 17 hour work day, and am expected back into work 5 hours from now. but due to this victory, I'm not sleeping.

ALSO @break, hit me up on youtube, I'll send you the original AMV so you can enjoy. the actual MP4 I hope you can play it somehow without youtube ♥

I shall join for the next round

Also congrats to all winners

@Rommel175 will do, thanks^^

Oh wow i ended up second :3 . Thnx for the votes ^^ and grats to @Rommel175 and @Break ^ great amv BUT all amv were pretty good, keep up the good work CL peps !

Count me in for the next round ^^. Hope this time i'll have time to add effect and transition because there were none <.< and i wont use dubstep this time XD or will i !! Gl all and have fun making your AMV !!

@N1xx I hope you will have time to finish your amv this time :D

For those who have requested it, I've registered you all for the next round! :D

I hope I will have it done, too! I also have the perfect idea for it! I think that, if that's all I do on Friday nights(my only night off, when in school), I might have it done on time! :3

On another note, I still haven't received a valid email from you, in order to send you your prize! Since we'll be having a downtime soon, I'd recommend for you to send it to me on Facebook.

On another note, I'll be sending a verification email to @break and @Rommel175 in the meantime, in order to verify the emails' validity. More details will be included in the sent message. ;3

oh before i forget, i also wanna register for the next round too. not sure if i manage intime but i plan too^^

I see the theme is Character Tribute. Are there any restrictions with the theme, like 75% of scenes must feature this character?

I may have to think for awhile what to do for this one...

You're free to organize the AMV as you wish to, as long as it is made clear that it is about a certain character. So no restrictions of the sort are needed. Editors are free to feature the character in any way they wish. :]

I hope you'll manage in time! I'm actually curious, but almost sure, of which character you might choose. ;3

@n1xx oh really? well feel free to guess~

I would like to participate in the next round, though I'm not sure I'll be able to finish my work. :/

I may be wrong and quite far-off, but I have a feeling that you have a certain liking to berserk/destructive/psychotic characters, such as Accelerator. I'm not necessarily guessing it to be about him, but maybe somebody along the same line of thought(or even with such a similar history?). O:

I signed you up! And I truly hope to see something from you soon! I really enjoyed your first entry. :]

@n1xx heeh normally yes, but this time im gong for someone else^^ though thhey do have the same haircolor. happry guessing!

I guess it is quite better when it turns out to be unexpected. I'll be looking forward to watching it! 8D

yep^^ well, at leats you already have two hints xD

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