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Is there any video editor that support mkv or i have to convert them -.- ?

I'd like to try again, but I have low hopes. I've started many AMVs that never got finished. That should be award in itself, the actually finished one award.

I have a good idea what I'd like to do, but my software (Corel) isn't too great with after effects. Is there any free stuff that I can use to add on some visual effects?

Question here! Do we have to add a water wark/flip it? I hate doing either to my AMVs.

@N1xx The OVAs. All of them. xD Not the movie.

Hmm, I'd like to vote on that poll, but the voting is confusing me. It's giving me the option of putting 1-3 votes....I'll put one, even though I want to put 3 LOL.

Also, there's multiple rounds! >.<!!! Will this amv contest take months? I think it would be better for there to only be 1 round, just 1 contest. This is Colorless's first try. Maybe in the future we can do more rounds in a future contest?

I don't know if I'm prepared to do multiple rounds IF I ended up passing the first one...

I did some research and discovered that Avidemux is quite recommended for working with MKV files. I've downloaded it myself to test its flexibility and have come to the conclusion that, if you'd like to go further than setting different frames together, you will have to move on to another editing program, after you're done editing in this one. On the bright side, Avidemux enables you to set all your wanted frames together. And so, by rendering your work in Avidemux, in a video format that is accepted in other video-editing programs, you'll then be able to edit further and more specifically. ;)

Actually, almost all regular video-editing programs have basic effects integrated in them. A good example of this would be Windows Movie Maker, which includes animations and visual effects. If you'd like, you can also try out the Pinnacle Studio and Power Director free trials, in order to see if you can manage something with what they have to offer.


More importantly, your AMVs need to be viewable by the Colorless community, in order for the users to vote. By not mirroring and/or watermarking your video, it can be removed from Youtube, thus making it a lot more complicated for your submission. In other words, it is to prevent your video from being deleted off of Youtube, for copyright purposes.

There is another way for you to prevent breaking the law and it's to make your video private. By setting it on private, it will not appear in search results and will only be viewable to those who have the link, thus it will not directly be traceable.

If you're not planning on uploading your AMV on Youtube, then it may be that other websites used for uploads, are not as strict as they are. You are free to upload on any other website that suits your liking, but it may be wise to know about their regulations, before doing so. :)

Oh, I see. Well, I'm fairly pleased that you are thinking about making an AMV with the OVAs. They were quite fantastic and deserve a good AMV to represent them. :3

I have yet to see a good AMV with scenes from the OVA, but there is one(which has parts from the anime and the OVA) that always brings me back to watch it, even after discovering it, eight years ago:

About the round suggestion, I honestly do not mind if we settle for only one, rather than make many, with different themes. Considering that Colorless isn't a website specifically targeted to video editors, I can see where you are coming from with that point of view.

In order to settle this, I will make a poll and ask the community if they would like to keep it at one round, or if they'd like to take part in more. That way, we'll have a global idea of what the users are expecting of this contest. :)

I don't know if I'm prepared to do multiple rounds IF I ended up passing the first one...

If ever we have multiple rounds in the future, you will not be obligated to take part in any of them. Registrations will open once more to whoever will be interested in taking part in other AMV Competitions, which will include new and different themes. ;)

I have some basic transitions and filters, but I don't have much in the way of color adjustment or some of those fancier things.

@N1xx thnx for the prog but i'll stick with the one im use to ^^ just had to convert 24 ep -.- and here's a great free converter that support mkv to any format 1080p. U can convert them without the subs

GL ^^ and i can't wait to see all ur AMV !!

For the theme, I think it would be easier to give a general theme and make the amv consequently.So we know on what to judge them but then again people with editing/effect skill will shine more on these terms

What kind of themes are we looking at? Techninal, seasonal, anime genre, music genre, era, director, or something else entirely?

QUICK QUESTION: Would the song Touchin on My by 3oh!3 count as a vulgar song?

@Lotto Thanks, just was looking for good converter. :D

@ShounenBoy ^^ glad it was of some use for someone ^^

i made a fast version of an AMV for the contest to break the ice ^^ but youtube screw the end <.< and the sync but ehh have fun watching it hope its giving u guys some idea :P.

@n1xx Ah thank you~ Makes more sense now~
Oh....Sorry to bother you again but all the Anime on my PC has subs because I use them to watch on my Ipod and what not. I can't download or use Raw because I frankly don't understand japanese. So is it okay that my AMV features sub titles....eventhough I tried to ignor them as much as possible (zooming in and the like)??

That's my last question. I'm really sorry to bother you.

Ok sign me up for this.

EDIT: nevermindd~!!D:<<


I have some basic transitions and filters, but I don't have much in the way of color adjustment or some of those fancier things.

Are you referring to the trials that I have suggested, or rather to your current video-editing program? If it's the former, I can recommend Blender and Wax which have the reputation of being free video-editing programs, that include the addition of effects.

What kind of themes are we looking at? Techninal, seasonal, anime genre, music genre, era, director, or something else entirely?

To be entirely honest with you, we can use a variation of these, for every round. As an example, our second round could include a technical theme, while the third includes an anime genre one, and so on.

In order for the themes to be chosen fairly, I will probably ask the community to vote for their most awaited one, using the Poll-Widget.


Would the song Touchin on My by 3oh!3 count as a vulgar song?

Of course not. ;3

Besides, why did you remove your AMV from the thread? It was pretty well-made and fun to watch! :D (My thumb-up looks out-of-place now. XD)

Thank you for supplying a video converter. I, myself, prefer to use SUPER, since I'm one who converts almost every day and that it's more for professional use. But your suggestion is indeed a great asset for those who are starting off and that don't need to use one often. I'll make sure to add it to the Recommended Software List.

As for your AMV segment, I love it! I can't wait to watch the finished product! The drama behind the animation and the music, make me want to see more. ;)

By the way, are you going to enter the AMV Contest at Otakuthon?~

If you cannot manage otherwise, I will accept subtitled AMVs. In fact, it's not that they're totally forbidden, but it's more like they are simply not recommended, because they generally seem to distract and mislead the meaning of the video. However, I appreciate your efforts for zooming into the frames, in order to show as less text as possible.

If one cannot download RAWs and only has access to subtitled video sequences, this person can still enter the contest. The rule about this is simply a precaution about what viewers usually think of this.

On another note, you really, really don't need to apologize for all of your questions. In fact, I highly appreciate that members are asking for precisions, which enables me to better this contest and make it more understandable for others. ;3

I should actually be thanking you and all the others who have contributed with their questions. <3

Done! :D

I'm done with the scenes. Now I only need to add effects in AE without sabotageing everything xD

@n1xx ^^ glad u liked it and for Otakuthon i didn'T even knew there was a constest lol . Are u going this year ?

@n1xx cause I found a megamix I wanna try and see if its better before I gotta move lolz. If not then Ima have to submit that AMV but I just wanna see how far i can go!!>:3

-- Quick Guide for Syncing to the Beat -

  1. Get your song of choice onto your computer before anything else. You'll want the file to be in MP3 format, rather than FLAC. If you have software that will let you use FLAC and software to measure BPM, then you can ignore this requirement.

  2. Download a BPM counter from and use it to get your Beats Per Minute. Depending on the speed of the song, you may get anywhere from 100 to 180. (If your song is higher than 180, good luck you crazy bastard.) If your song seems like it has a moderate tempo but you get a number in the 200+ range, divide it by two.

  3. Now for the fun part. You want to find out some simple units of measure that you need for good synchronization. Rather than plug and pray, we can use numbers to decide how long a clip should be. My song (Baby Please Come Home : Anberlin) is 149.96 or rounded up to 150. Most songs will have a fairly even BPM. To find out how long one measure is, I plug it into this. Let Y = Beats/Minute. (x is simply multiplication sign) Z = Second length of 1 measure

Y/240 = Measures per Second (In my case, 0.625)
MPS x Z = 1 or Z = 1/MPS (For me, this comes to 1.6)

This means that if a scene lasts for exactly 1.6 seconds, it will cover 1 measure of my song. The begging of the song has a good section that lasts for two measures, so I need to make a 3.2 second clip.

Now, be wary of how your program splits up the clip. It may do it by frames or by seconds. If yours uses timecode like many do, increments less than seconds are measured in frames. NTSC is lawlzy, and has 29.97 frames a second. You may need to trim a frame off here and there depending on where you got your video files. So now we go back to the numbers. To find the number of frames from the decimal place in your MPS:

100/29.97 = 3.336
Decimal place x 3.336

Mine in this case comes to 6.672 frames, rounded up to 7 frames. However, after doing 2 at 7 frames, I'll need 1 at 6 to keep it consistent.

This seems like a lot of numbers and work, yes. However, after you've figured it all out, it will make your AMV look much better. It will also be much easier to time.

(Note: Check your video files before assuming you have NTSC. The current Japanese broadcast system works on NTSC-J, which is the same framerate. however, film can be captured in NTSC-film, which is 23.97. I am currently unaware how to check for that, but be wary if you are using an anime movie. If anybody has information on this, please let me know.

Also, Corel is being silly. In the preview plane, it shows the soft subs. However, if you save the file, it doesn't display them. Had me freaking out for a bit. XD

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