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Google Sketch Up 8 (Discussion/Help Needed) (Thread)

Hi Guys, I need help about something on Google sketch up 8.

I started using it a few years ago though I didn't take time to study more of it since I liked the interface of 3DS max more. Anyway, I'm doing a project using Sketch up, made my own furniture templates and downloaded a few from Google's 3D warehouse.

The problem is, every time I try rendering my project (Using SU Podium 1.7), the furniture pieces I inserted in my perspective drawing didn't appear except for the ones I made.
So, here's the Perspective before it was rendered and I inserted a few Furniture Pieces, A console table and 2 vases (which I made) and a B&B Italia Sofa which I downloaded from Google's 3D warehouse.
Here's the rendered perspective (I used SU Podium v1.7 to render it).
As you can see, The Sofa didn't appear in the rendered image, only those templates I made.

Help? O:
To any of you who knows how to fix something like this please help me :> thanks!

It seems that they don't want you to own any sofas.
Lol, just kidding, I never used sketch up so I can't help you.

@MrTrain LOL but seriously I was thinking of the same, I was trying to look at the file if it was copyrighted or something, I do not intend to alter it on any way, but yeah there weren't any user copyrights/watermarks whatevs.

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