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Why do people role play online? (Thread)

I am curious. because you know. it's kinda gay.

I don't understand what role-playing has to do with being happy or a homosexual. Well anyways, though I role-play sometimes I don't know either.

Its like Halloween~ Only Nerdier!

Meh, I do so because its like reading a book, only I decide what might happen. It's also slightly more unpredictable which is what I rather look for.

Also makes me feel like a new person :b I'm a regular human in rl but I can be a god online... An angry god >BU...(Lol)

i guess... because it's like writing a story with many people and it's quite fun how we can all change it and usually its just hilarious stuff

i guess, it's because it's like writing a story with many people.
Usually it's just for fun and turns out to be a really funny story.
i only started roleplaying recently, though.
@9mm: in what way do you think it's "gay"?

Because they find it fun.

There's no puzzle to the answer. It's not that hard to understand.

You may find it annoying, or "gay", but the answer to "why" is nothing complicated. It's a very simple answer.

They just find it fun.

HAHAHA! i literally just LOL'd irl because how brutally honest @9mm is xD

well I don't understand it either but I never bash role playing or role players because they never do anything to irretate me. If people keep it to their own then they can do whatever they like, i don't mind one bit.

Because people won't interact with me in real life.

I really enjoy to watch @9mm's "lets mix my own brutal opinion into a totally simple topic to piss the majority of other people off"-threads and people's reactions to them. =)

@Darkchaplain You gotta admit it's kinda entertaining tho ;)

That's what I said, right? XD

Anyway, go ahead, people, swallow the bait! 8D

har har har. @KinoSakata I dunno. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT? when I was like 5 I role played as one of the ninja turtles, and it's not pretty picturing grown-ups thinking they are ninja turtles. Oh well, that's one way to look at it.

And I think word "Gay" is pretty versatile and it compensates many things.


mom: how's school?
a 5 year old role playing as a ninja turtle: gay.

In my college Japanese class, one of the girls in my class keeps calling every men "Onichan," which is a form of role playing. Considering how she's black and how I am not black, there is no fucking way we are related. But yeah, the thing about real life is I have to suck it up and deal with it. However, I do not have enough "courage" to do so.(Persona 4 reference!) So I am here in interwebz exploring how people feel about role playing.

oh so gay.

@Jin_sama @DarkChaplain you guys are cool in my book.

Oh hell yeah, I am not bother me unless they bring me into their shit. And you know -how we are human and all- if one of them screw with you, you have to screw with all of them. It's kinda like how Hitler screwed all the Jews.

Because it's fun.
And in most cases good for a laugh.

Then you must think playing video games is gay?
Dungeons and Dragons is like limitless Oblivion lol. But I have never roleplayed online so I don't know anything about that.

"its just like hitler an the jews", exactly ~sarcasm. the man was not human. i do not think you have an understanding of the Holocaust. i mean no disrespect. you just equated vindictive nature in all humans to hitler. i believe were all capable but it not natural to need that malice. as for rp its fun, its rewarding, and its a great way to meet smart people.

I have to disagree. Adolf Hitler was human. His mistakes are proof of that. Adolf Hitler was not entirely evil either. He was just misguided, living in a world where the hate for jews was already far fetched, being told that the jews were evil from his childhood on, being rejected the type of education he longed for by what happened to be jews and so on.

Look at the last decades. Black people got framed for so much bad stuff. "nigger stole my bike" even got a joke on the net. If a person gets to experience a certain group of people influencing his life in a bad way, time and time again, he will be wary of being in the same room with them, and start to hate them if it gets bad.

Adolf Hitler was, in a way, a victim of the time he lived in.

Additionally, the situation after the first world war and the state germany was in made him mad. He needed someone to blame, and he picked the jews, who had seemingly ruined his life til that point.

He was not the only one to think that way, though. Let's be realistic - if people did not have that kind of thoughts before somebody proclaimed them like Hitler did, he would not even have succeeded the way he eventually did.

To make Hitler seem like the only evil in the world would be foolish. He might have been the top of the pyramid, but he was not alone in control. A lot of smart men were with him, and especially scientists who later fled into the United States and elsewhere.

To blame Hitler for WW2 would be like blaming Bush for Iraq - oh, wait, we're doing that already.

Sure, the outcome of the Holocaust and WW2 was disastrous, but there was more to it than 'malice'. There were more cogs in that machinery of hate you should think about for once

Leave Adolf alone, create your own superhero

Everyone, let's try to keep on topic~

Also, I use this as a perfect example for the argument for spoiler tags~

aye, momo, I have long begged for spoiler tags ;A; CL 3.0 will finally give me some hope xD

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