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Why Vegetarian? (Thread)

Because Animals are so kawaii?

Pretty stupid. This whole concept of "animal rights" is not really accepted my animals to begin with. They only follow one rule and it is called "survival of the fittest." Brutal isn't it? How can a lion eat a cute cute sheep right D: baww Q_Q. Cry me a river, but you know; they still live in harmony with all the killing and devouring.

So why? Why Vegetarian? If you solely do it for the health, then you are pretty dumb l.o.l. You still need some meat in your cycle, and taking pills do not work out quiet well. But if you do it, because it is cruel to eat animals then you are even dumber. What is so smart about bringing yourself from the top of the food chain to the bottom? Seriously, you are no better than a freakin rabbit, if you just consume grass all your life.

that's right, a rabbit

I'm just curious, because I just love~ how the beef tastes. No offense for you Hindus and VEgetarains, but you guys are missing out. So yeah, is it because Animals are cute or is it because you need self-discipline? dumb and dumber: choose wisely yo.

If you eat enough legumes you don't need meat, just sayin'. :P

That said, I love, I adore, I absolutely can't live without meat. YUMMMMM

I know some vegetarians who just don't like the taste of meat. Yes, I gave these people the "Your fucking with me." look, then the "Are you serious?" look, then the "Your fucking shitting me" look, but yeah, some people aren't doing it for animal rights and they aren't doing it because they feel it would better their health but because they just have a different preference.

My own opinion, people who are PETA zombies are fucking stupid deuches and most people I knew that were health nuts were snooty bastards that loved the smell of their own farts.

for the record i eat meat. hes an odd thought, a thought none the less. many years ago we were quite dumb and were eaten. now whos to say evolution wise cows dont become more intelligent in the near future. seriously, its barbaric. anything that feels pain shouldnt have to endure it.
have a go at this video and tell me you honestly have no feelings for them. i feel like crying.

if you have a weak stomach do or you are too young for rated r. do not watch this video.

To those who talk about animal rights: What about plant rights? They're also alive.

yes but does a plant feel pain. plants do not have brains.

Animals don't give a shit. Survival of the fittest baby!(Forgot what movie i got this line from but whatever.)

the guy is lackin' style. hes too eccentric. he has potential. his delivery was poorly executed (period)

When you next start a debate thread, can you please introduce the topic fairly? Your delivery is obviously biased against vegetarians...

I have vegetarian friends who are vegetarian purely because they want to be. They do not like the idea of eating something which once could feel pain or was happy. They also love animals so that's a hindrance to their carnivorous side also.

Now I have no issue whatsoever with that. What irritates me is when idiotic people tell them how to live/what to eat. How dare anyone tell them how to live. :S They don't get up in my face about the fact that I love to eat meat even though I love animals to bits so why people feel the need to do so to them is beyond me.

Well, there actually are A LOT of Veggies that give you dark looks when you eat with them and enjoy your Steak, Burger, Sausages, Chicken or whatever. Those people you cannot ignore easily, and those that will try to annoy you because you're eating their precious family members.
Sure, these are crazy people, but they exist.

Also, I like animals, both in zoos and inside my stomach.

Vegetarians are like Vegans, only with half of the drive and none of the superpowers. Hindus excluded cause they are just being cool about following their religion.


Save our poor leafy friends, eat meat.

Well for my grandmother and aunt health reasons. And not because meat is bad in general, it is because my grandmother would get sick if she ate meat and my aunt could have a seizure. It would be stupid for them to eat meat.

For my best friend, she doesn't like the taste and texture of meat. So logically she doesn't eat it.

Pretty much everyone else I know do it for religious or just have it as a life choice. Luckily they don't pull the you are a horrible person because you eat meat. So, it just means more meat for me!

we have the right to kill any animal we see fit. it's the rule of nature, we did not climb to the top of the food chain just to be vegeterians. it's bullshit.

I will try to keep this as short as possible.
I believe that there is no excuses to eat meat.
To say that it tastes too good, just shows that you put your head in the sand and haven't thought about the consequences.
For everyone's information, the world's population is increasing rapidly, and already we are not able to feed everyone. There could be a solution though. Because most of the soya bean production do not feed humans, but animals that we eat, most nutrition is lost. If humans were to eat the soya bean directly, we probably wouldn't have starvation anymore.
And because of the mass production of meat, it adds to global warming. 13% of the greenhouse gases released in the air is from global transports. 18% comes from livestock farming. The average cow releases 500-700 liters of methane per day.
And the food they eat are soya beans, that comes from deforestation.
Not to mention that most farmers give antibiotics to the animals, even though they are not sick and that goes out in our water, slowly resulting in bacteria getting resistant against antibiotics, which obviously is very bad.

But the biggest reason why I would never eat meat is that we torture our animals to death. It's so cruel. Pigs are in fact almost identical to humans anatomically. We can use pigs when transplanting organs to humans. Just that makes me feel sick when thinking about eating a pig. Also they are one of the smartest animal on earth. Much more so than cats and dogs. So why do you not torture and eat dogs?
We treat our pigs, cows and chickens terrible. There's plenty of documentaries showing that in more detail.
Please do not speak of how it's nature for us to eat meat, when today's meat farming is anything but natural.
It's life we handle, and I think it's our responsibility as humans to handle animals with care.
Please, if you don't want to stop eating meat, consider at least one vegetarian day per week. It makes a difference.
Also, here' s a link to a documentary about meat and global warming, for those interested...

Dammit Moguo. Now I'm going to have to work 3 times as hard. Oh well. Oh, also,


Just cause.

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