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Why Vegetarian? (Thread) - Page 3

I eat meat so that stuff doesn't go to waste. Simply put.

@MrTingles - But if you eat less meat... the demand will be less and therefore farms will breed less cows, chickens, etc so they won't lose money on feeding those animals.

In other words... put the responsibility of not being wasteful on the farm... not yourself.

I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean, @Fieyr. I was talking about eating so that all the stuff already made wouldn't go to waste and whatnot.
Personal preference, I reckon.

@MrTingles - What I'm saying is... if you continue to eat the stuff that is already made... the farms and manufacturers will see this and continue to make the exact same amount of meat they did before....expecting that you will continue to consume the same amount of meat.

However if you stop buying as much meat, the manufacturers will see this and make less meat. Yes... in the short term it is wasteful... but the net effect means that the farm will end up producing less meat, less cows/chickens are bred, less rain forest cut down, etc.

So what about a return to just hunting for what is needed?
Surely people couldn't have issues with that?

Umh, I hope you guys know, that humans are descended from Apes.
And I hope you know that apes don't eat meat, our ancestors didn't eat meat. We evolved into omnivores.
We are not even built to hunt and tear apart animals, unlike most other carnivores and omnivores.

You know that a 2 year old cow emit 16 tons of carbon dioxide. Eating 1 kg meat is like driving a car for 3 hours straight, and leave all of your lamps in your house on at the same time. And a regular American eats about 90kg meat per year.
This is clearly not good for the nature, and the ozone layer.

And yes, some animals are awfully horribly slaughtered, and mistreated before they die. This depends on country, and farm of course.
Because a lot of people have different point of views when it comes to animals.

And people saying that animals kills animals painfully in the wild, so why would it matter if we slaughtered them painfully?
Humans are also animals, and what about those people that are so sick that they want death help? Should we just kill them off painfully as well?
No, that's ethical wrong. Then why don't you find it ethical wrong to kill animals painfully as well?

I'm not vegetarian. But I find some of this statements on this thread very stupid.
And some of you seem to have really idiotic prejudices about vegetarians.

@MrTingles - Was that a 'huh' of understanding or a 'huh' of you're still confused?

With regard to the hunting statement... that obviously doesn't make sense if the people of the world want to continue their current lifestyle. We've evolved technologically because our food industry has evolved to, in developed countries at least, take over the responsibility of providing food. This frees up people to pursue other careers beyond hunting. So yes, people would have issues with that.

I'm simply saying that there are things we can do within the current system to lessen our impact on the world environmentally. But I mean... it all comes back to whether you give a damn about the environment. Sadly.. many do not.

I heard that the processing and harvesting of plants for food also causes bad environment stuff to happen too...
Basically, am I to understand that the planet is screwed?
Time to get that condo on Mars..

@MrTingles - It's night and day compared to the damage that it causes to produce meat. I'll provide you with some links later.

Not needed, really (I'll be away from the computer for a while). My mind's already set, but I do like to hear why people think the things they do.
Opinions intrigue me.
About me?
I don't eat a lot of meat, normally, mostly because of horrific stomachaches I get from pork and some other meats, and because it's expensive.
I do however, enjoy a nice piece of beef or chicken every now and again.
Is this wrong, would you say?

@MrTingles - The environmentalist in me says yes, the meat eater in me says yes but eats the chicken sandwich anyway.

It really is amazing the environmental damage factory farms cause though if you spend a little time researching it. I was completely ignorant to this fact a few years ago. It's amazing the shit people get away with while everyone isn't looking. Completely changed my outlook on a lot of things.

This is my view on this topic.
The cuter it looks, the better it taste.

You know what I do? I just eat. I'm not a fan of meat, but I have no problem eating it when I feel like doing so. I don't care about what others do, as long as they don't start mixing up subjective truth/morality/value and objective truth/morality/value.

''Eating animals is wrong!''


@Moguo hate to say it but your initial argument is flawed your basically your saying that humans should stop eating animals because doing what were doing now we cant feed everyone. lets say tomorrow everyone on the planet sees things your way and decides to go full vegetarian, do you really think that we can grow enough food to keep the current population alive, i highly doubt so.

@Selef we don't have enough food meat or plant to feed everyone anyway.

@chou there are in fact apes that eat meat, chimpanzee's Hunt and eat meat.

i don't know a lot about the environmental effects of farming cattle so i'll leave this post as is.

@L-ordinary Chou's original argument still stands. Humans really were vegetarians before. You can look this up if you don't believe me, but humans weren't built to eat meat originally.

This has been your public service announcement.

@Selef Well, I don't know if we could, but if we stopped eating meat we could at least feed a whole lot more people.

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