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Mourn your dead pets. (Thread)

My cat's kidneys are failing and he doesn't have much longer, I've already lost three pets and he's my last one left :'(
So this thread is in memory of everyone's dead pets.

R.I.P. Thorn (Male Guinea Pig), Peanut (Male Guinea pig), and John Wayne* (female cat)

*My dad named her. Blame him for the weird name.

I accidentally stepped on a baby squirrel today. I tried to be tough keep telling myself all these cycle of life and death shits, but I still feel bad.

I COULD post about my multitude of dead/missing pets, but it'll take too long. Maybe I'll find a similar post somewhere and copypasta it.

I did mourn them, but don't take too long mourning. xD

My cat is getting old, she's 10 years old.
I know time is running out for her.
She was my first pet.

I'm gonna be really sad.

10?! Pfff, My first cat was 23 when she died.

You lucky things. Your cats reaching more than 3 years, I'm jealous.

Since birth Pet: Taylor. Dog. Rescue. Died on Spring break D:
Sisters pet(she left it): Peral dog, puddle, body died but she remained in it. smelled. Still miss her.
Gold fishx10
Rocky: Female lizard died under the very rock i named her after D:
Lizy: other lizard, male, let free..probably got eaten by a cat.

My cat Winter. ALMOST DIED. he freaking 16....but he lives still like a teenager. YAY

My brother once threw my goldfish out the window :'D had him for a day. Named him Goldey.

I had goldfish when I was eight. They died and it was Very Sad. Then my brother (2 at the time) tried to swallow them. Then it was Very Funny.

I shall morn for my pets; Bosco a male dog, Fluffy a male cat, Meme the mother of Fluffy (also had kidney problems), all my John Smiths (because apparently my parents kept buying more fighting fish), Cherry a fish, Lucky a fish,Brooks a female hamster, Patches a male cat, Fishie a fish, all my koi,neon fish, guppies and tilapia, annnd for Chisou a fighting fish.

This makes me sad though because Ginger my dog is like 18 almost 19 years old and she's starting to show her age. D8

my pet cat died because someone played with him and hit him with his car.

my pet mouse died one day and was just upside down 5 years ago, i called him snowball.i miss him T.T, felt like he was part of my family (back then never really liked my family since they all hated him and in fact my parents wanted to kill him) almost had him for a year..... plus was the first time i expercinced something close to me dying.

I had a cat named "Lei"
he's a Tri-colored cat, He died when he went out of our gates then the neighbor's pet dog bit him :< (Til now I'm still holding a grudge on that certain neighbor).

I had 2 pet Rabbits back when I was in high school, I named the bigger one "Ruka" and the smaller one "Kira". So, my sadistic uncle killed my pets because he didn't want my other siblings to go up to the roof top. (my uncle is a psycho.)

I had two female hamsters named "Mrs. Marbles 1" and "Mrs. Marbles 2"
they both died in a week when my brother bought him. T'was kind of sad since I was hoping to raise them and have my Mr. Marbles baby with any of them :<

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