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Hello Colorless (Thread)

Just letting you know how much I love you all and how I have won and that is that. Victory is mine, end of discussion. :)

I'm sorry, who were you again?

lol bro who the fuck are you

Would you believe me if I told you I'm Batman? :)

... I'm sorry, who were you again?

Drawing a blank over here

I am Batman :)


You aren't batman

Batman is Batman

Exactly, and I'm Batman.

.... i am speechless. batman amongst the threads it is an honor. congratulations on your victory. ive always wondered how you take BREAKS. is it complicated.

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I'm just posting a GIF of Rin's tail for everyones enjoyment. Because I have a tail fetish.

amusingly immature.

@BlkSheep Always a pleasure to meet a fan.

.......... I'm sorry. Have I ever seen you before?

Hey, he's that one guy!

That is right, I am Batman.


I'm Batman :)

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