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Eeeeehh (Thread)

After some thought and a little break, and a talk with Spooky today that was actually productive I figure this site isn't so bad after all. I just need to be cool and things shouldn't go wrong. Well anyways, I met American "Izaya" yesterday.


next time you better listen and grow some balls BEFORE making a huge fuss about getting trolled

Lol @DarkChaplain.

Well @Mu. As long as you understand now.


Lol @DarkChaplain

Thank you Xegis, glad to be of understanding

Still lmaoing

I'm gonna make a thread saying that I managed to breathe today. Wish me luck pals!

If you manage to blog about your own breathing habits, I'm sure to follow it. It would at least be more interesting than this thread here ಠ_ಠ

@Dark I approve your post b(^_^)

I don't know, it is hard to put it into words. It is like a miracle when you breathe, in....and out. Today my breathingh was so alert that I got terriffied, my extreme animalic breathing intensified my fears of the unknown, I didn't know what to do...So I fell down my knees and prayed with my hands strethced towards the sky. Suddenly Jesus came and told me that ,,MAGNETS" is the answer to everything. And then I breathed easily...I felt so light knowing that the complicated process of breathing could be completed by an insignificant beeing like me.

EDIT : MAGNETS help you breathe ^_^


other than that, @GMYui, I am delighted that you're still breathing and thus can give us these magnificent insights!

I don't know how you guys survive, but breathing is essential. So you better start learning to breathe before you turn into mormons.

whats up woth the thread title.. and who cares you emt soem cosplayer... but good thing you calmed down at least... but still.. why call a thread ehhh.. thats jsut so..
@GMYui i would love to hear about your breathing too, how the fresh air of the night is just BETTER, how your lungs fill and your chest moves when fillign your lungs with the fresh air and new oxygen to survive another minute in this what tehy call human life. gosh that was poetic.

So is it alright for me to make a thread about my new ring tone? my Hello Everynyan! Ring tone? O:

if you post some download link for everyone who hasn't gotten Hello Everynyan! yet, I'd have no problem with that 8D
A 'Ringtone'-thread might be interesting XD

@DarkChaplain LOL DONE!

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