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Hello Everynyan Ring tone thread (Thread)

The Ring tone is awesome?!



So I think this thread is awesome-rr than those other new threads in the front page.

Anyway, I made this cropped ring tone from one of the previous Colorless Podcasts and it is titled, "Hello Everynyan!".

To get a free download of this awesome ringtone Just Click this AWESOME LINK!

The rar file comes with the hello everynyan ring tone and a surprise bonus ringtone inside. THAT MAKES TWO AWESOME RING TONES in one rar file! so DOWNLOAD THIS AWESOME RING TONE NOW and get addicted to nyan and nyaning!

I fucking approve of this thread! ò___ó

This thread needs more viewers and downloaders so SPREAD THE LOVE <3

LOOOOOOL Nice one xD
and the best thing is you're able to use those as a skype/MSN sound as well. Oh and the "Shiromama".wav is in it too, now that's one awesome deal.

*g* I sure am going to use these as msn sounds XD
somebody should tweet this thread!

@Alkaid NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT! LMAO! I should use that Hello everynyan wav every time I get an email notification <3

@DarkChaplain Did tweet this thread, I hope they clicked it xD

I would download but I have no idea how to get it on my sad

@astrogaijin U HAZ NO BLEWTEWTH?

My new ringtone and alarm. Thanks so much!

And its custom for me since it has Shiromama MWAHAHAHAH <3 so happy XD

@Shirosuke THAT'S THE SURPRISE BONUS! and you'll be famous in no time xD

@Wanderlust . . . but.. but I thought... I was already famous ;A;


hello everynyan ♥

@wanderlust I have it, it just hates me.

Meh, @Shirosuke, I'll record one for you and you'll love it. /shot because of jealousy

oh @Candytenshi REALLY???????????????? now I'm greedy and want all sorts of voices saying my username /shot

..... loops it endlessly

I prefer my current ringtone though....

-sets ti as ringtone-

Le Bump <3

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