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Assassin's Creed: Revelations: Online Anyone? (Thread) - Page 2

I loved the games until now!!
I hope they don't let me down in the next one! Can't wait to see the trailer :D

I NEED THIS GAME SO MUCH! I adore the AC Universe.
But I want some Malik in it since Altaiir is also playable. :)

swift assassins jump


@Yoshiya WIN! PURE WIN! Where do you find these awesome comics?!

I Hope they make it as awesome as like all 3 of them put together or better

It's really entertaining how they always make you lose all the weapons you earned in the previous game. (And then you can find them in some catacombs 0.0)

Gamescom Trailer 2011

well guess I don't need to say more those pictures kinda speak for themselves, new modles for everyone and the "Gate of Eden" maybe?

Thanks for that hefty dose of info @Alkaid! Could that be Subject 16 we are seeing??

That's some beard desmond's got going, I guess he want to follow in the LINEAGE OF BEARD -cough-

If I had the image on me right now I'd totally use the take my money NOW, I'm loving the story of AC and while I was a wee bit angry that they decided not to end it 3 (I mean a nice trilogy would have been fine D:) I can't help but find myself dragged into it each time I boot up the game, it's also down to the gameplay, horribly fun and addicting even with all the glitches XD

Though now that the game brings together the three main protagonists, I do hope AC3 will be an almost purely desmond game, I know the game has been known for it's bending of history but fffffffff Desmond needs his goddamn time to shine.

That's Desmond O_O Oh man do I feel stupid now >_>

New models indeed I hardly recognized him and i'm playing Brotherhood now.

@DSP I'm assuming it would be mainly focused on Desmond, Through the Bleeding Effect he's learned most of what ALtair has learned and explored Ezio's entire Assassins Career. He should be ready to take on whatever they throw at him though it may affect his sanity, I'm sure he'd prevail overall.

The second I beat Brotherhood, I preordered Revelations signature edition xD I love Assassin's Creed xD MUST GET!

its sad its gonna be over....

Hath anyone seen this?

@Alkaid Desmond looks like he's in a perfume advert.

Long time no fooking bump. Anyway I've been playing my share of AC: Revelations online. Is anyone else playing this game?

I wish I was.

I wish.

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