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Anime that Only you watched but wish your friends did too. (Thread)

You ever had those times when you say to yourself "Damn it, this anime is Awesome! Why the hell isn't anybody else I know watching this so I can have somebody to discuss this anime with in all it's hilarity or awesomeness!?" If you ever had one instance like this please tell us your story :) Everyone may have different opinions about the anime you chose but who gives a flying f***!? Mine is.....

Chiko Heiress of the Phantom Thief: Nijuu Mensou no Musume.

recent events where i attempted discussing to find out friends ddint know about the anime: durarara, sora no otoshimono...

I keep trying to get my best friend into my favorites. Most recent attempt was Durarara. She watched one episode and that's it.

not an anime but a manga from the 90's and there was a handrawn movie. AKIRA. its epic, trust me.

Not animes, but mangas instead, and MANY OF THEM.
-Darren Shan (dont know why, I just love it ^^)
-Wolf Guy
-M.C Law
-Knights (First manga I've ever read with a black boy as the main character, and it was EPIC)

And many more!! There are soooo many good mangas my friends are missing just to follow Naruto or One Piece u.u

For some reason, none of them have seen Durarara.

I think I have at least one friend for each of the rest of my favorites.

I'm trying to get my friend to watch Durarara!! But she hasnt yet.. I don't think

Gurren lagann.... 2 friends already watched it and they also say that its the best x) but this one friend just can't get over the stupidity that makes it so good o.o

There's quite a lot of things I wish all my friends have watched. The key one would be Madoka Magica, one of my friends have seen it but the rest haven't even heard of it which is really shocking and even if they did the whole "Mahou Shoujo" element would put them off.
Similarly I'm the only person out of those I know IRL that have watched Nanoha, Star Driver and many other awesome shows like the NoitaminAs (Shiki, C, AnoHana etc).

I'm trying to suggest a few of these to a friend but he pretty much rejects any Anime made after 2000 since they are "all generic and weak compared to the way Anime used to be). He's not wrong in a few areas but there are quite a lot of Gems that have been missed because of his reasoning.

@imaginebreaker if your friend says that, how would he be able to judge them if he doesnt know them at all, and the time before had weak and ood shows like our time now has..
also what does he do with stuff related to old animes made after 2000, like the trigun badlands rumble-movie, or the evangelion rebuild-movies, or level e whoich was made only months before but is based on a manga from before 2000. try going at him with that reasoning:?

@break I've tried, he's watched Eva but refusing to watch a lot of the other series. He also avoids anything that has been overrated meaning he's avoided a fair amount of epic stuff (even Gurren Lagann!).
Of course he seems to listen to a few of my suggstions (will be checking out Steins;Gate) so maybe I'll give him a list of stuff. That or I'll arrange a marrathon at a friends place and put on a few short animes like Level E and Madoka, maybe even the Nanoha Movie (easier to watch than the original after all though both were good).

Damn I knew I was forgetting something... I still need to finish Level E!!!!

@imaginebreaker gah a deja-vu! im also stuck at ep9 fo level e due to no time and kinda hmmm... dunno xDD just reason his complains away until hes completely broken xDD

@break could do that, though I don't really wanna "break" him XD
I'm sure I can get him around. Mind you I have created a monster that lives solely on anime by recommending a tonne of stuff, this unexpectedly evolved into creating a hentai freak by which he have now named "h-chan".

That was probably my first and greatest creation, looks like I'm slowly becoming more and more of a mad scientist XD

@imaginebreaker he, dont forget who you are! his illusion is that anime after 2000 are no good, you should "crush that fucked up illusion of his" xDD
also, that sounds like a major success. good work!

Durarara!!, Prince of Tennis, The World God Only Knows .... ;A;
My friends said the first two were a bit too "shounen" and that sports manga isn't very interesting, and TWGOK is a bit too girly. TwT Looks like my hopes for group cosplays with my friends for those series won't come true TTwTT

@Flan lol whats up with your friends.. durarara, shounen? wtf? and in what way would TWGOK be "girly"? just because there are more female maincharas than male ones? thats alos true for over 60 or even 70% of all seinen anime, and those are targeted at adult men after all.

Technically every anime I did watch in my whole life. The story of my life. Right there.
R.O.D The T.V. is something that for whatever reason none of my friends ever watched...

I wish I had someone to fangirl Ao no Exorcist with :3

what about Eden of the East?

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