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Anime that Only you watched but wish your friends did too. (Thread) - Page 4

Since i am a closet otaku
i don't have any real life friend that watches anime
but i think bakuman sud b more popular
i think the story is almost as awesome as death note
oh! FYI bakuman and death note share the same authors.:D

durarara! but none of my friends watch anime or read manga...


I want my friend to watch Katekyo hitman reborn and Durarara!! but shes so dumb that she only watches perv. anime like:
kanokon and dearS and rosary to Vampire (= =)''

I loved Durarara too~ I was hopeing there'd be a season 2... but threads keep saying it's unlikely. sigh
I also really love Gosick and Rosario+Vampire, which I had to stop because I couldn't find be bothered after season 2, so many other animes to fall in love with~ don't even know if there's any after...
I really wish more of my friends have watched K On! though... maybe it's just because I'm a musician, but I really loved it. It was hilarious~

Tales of friends like the game. I kinda wanna watch it but not without them...:(

Am... Ok... I watched anime called "Polyphonica" It's interesting! You should watch it! :'D

Hetalia, Hetalia, HETALIA. Durarara, as well. Oh, and Soul Eater.

Durarara,Baccano,Black Lagoon. :(

sora no otoshimono,darker than black,Eden Of The East,to aru majutsu no index, Steins;Gate,k-on

All of the anime I watch. Like Durarara, FMA, Bleach, Pokemon Special, Angel Beats, D. Gray Man, Fairy Tail... The kids I talked about anime with graduated sad face Bakuman needs more love in the US. Two mangakas drawing/writing a manga about two mangakas drawing/writing a manga. Mindfreak! And as 120 said, by the same people who did Death Note! Read/watch it everyone!

RAINBOW ~Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin~


Eden Of The East

Druaga: sword of uruk

Dogs: Bullets & Carnage (it's now also an anime)



HETALIA. They always wonder why I get so hyped up with World History. ;__;

@Aoichi_Masaomi HETALIAAAAAAA! ;A;

Durarara!! too. They don't get it when I do Simon's accent. QAQ

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