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Your shady/Unique talent? (Thread)

yay for first none troll thread.

Like what title suggests:

Do you have any shady talent? Like for me, I am really talented with dice for some odd reason... So I use this talent to win shit load of money off of chinchiro. (Japanese dice gambling) And I also attract a lot of lesbians for some off reason.

what is your shady talent?

Can totally pick locks with my hair clips and can pass off as someone 4-5 years younger to get a child's ticket instead of paying the adult price at the museum/aquarium.

I am an extraordinary card player. i have no technique, i just win. I am also good at starting conversations with strangers.

I'm such a negative thinker, I can truly find the down side when it comes to just about anything. idk about much else. I can play something and be SO FOCUSED I'll forget to breathe? xD

I can use my feet as hands. So I constantly use it as hands. Stuff like using the remote to change the channel, picking stuff up, opening/closing doors. I also pretend to be stupid at times so I can get away with requests that are 'complicated'.

I can sit in full lotus position with out using my hands or anything else to help me and walk around like that.

@Sushi plz Sushi. I'll own you with Soraka.

IRL i´m a very serious person but when i see that someone is sad i put on my "luffy-Charater" and within a few minutes this person is smiling~ :3 but face to face it works way better then onilne~

weirdly flexible. and i can tell when someones about touch me before they do... 6th sense??

I have hyperkeratosis. Basically my palms and bottom of feet have callus all the time. I've had it since I was a couple months old. Basically the callus keeps regrowing soo...kinda useful for outside jobs. I can't really feel as well on my palms and feet but I can old hot plates :D

hmmm.....i'm a little to nosy? i can sit in a cafe or a public area and by the end of the day i could probably tell you about every customer and there life story.

uber stalker right here XD

I am well talanted with having no talents. or wait... I'm talanted with the great ability to waste my time even if I have loats to do.

^ Seconded. And getting away with it. |: Getting away with being too late and putting off tasks.

Also +1 pretending to be younger. Can pass as a 14 year old if I want to.

Attracting guys who are not easy to impress. (Without intending to)

I read RREEEAAALLLYY fast. I finished the first 4 Harry Potter books within a night.
Also, unlike @InsaneBoredGame , I can look much older, so I can pass any concert, bar, pub, etc. It's pretty useful, exept when it comes to guys, that's really annoying.

I bring misfortune to other people.
especially those who are close to me.

and posts above me. (jk)

Eating. A rarity.

I draw patisseries, foods, during class and I am hungry. It's a talent to make hungry myself and other classmates by picture =D ?? dies

I just know how to walk around unnoticed, it has put me out of uncomfortable situations or helped me avoid them.

+1 to looking older, I could do it in a couple of days without shaving or by getting my hair long (even though that takes more time), well, it won't be useful in 4 months.

I can usually hear when there is an electronic device plugged in, it's super annoying, you could have just a lamp on or a laptop plugged in but turned off and I would have to unplug it because of the annoying sound.

Also blending in with the wall, no idea how it happens but it's sure helpful for when your sneaking down into the kitchen and eating sweet.

For whatever reason, the harsh way I deal with people tends to encourage them. I can do interesting voices, and I apparently look good with a shaved head. Lex Luthor cosplay, anyone?

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