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Your shady/Unique talent? (Thread) - Page 6

Talents ne... not sure if this is one, but i can act incredibly kiddy~like, etoo also i can wait patiently for someone/something without end.

I look 4-5 years younger than my age. I totally get free tickets, ice cream, and rides in at the carnival.

-_- ever since high school all the teachers paired me up with the bad kids not that i have anything against them. the i was pissed when i didn't sit next to someone i know so i asked them why and they all came up with the same answer
"you have this ability to make the misbehaved students to concentrate and pay attention"
and now that she mentions it i have noticed that not one of the "bad behaved" students disturbed the lesson.

i know it's not much but it's pretty awesome XDD

i can make up a convincing lie right on the spot in any situation

I can compose troll songs using my flute or cello!

Whenever I post in a thread or send a message in chat, that thread/chatroom suddenly dies.

Bye bye

I'm pretty good with any object that can do damage. Skilled with a knife, pipe, branch, metal bottles. I dunno why but I have agility and so I'm able to easily hit people with those things. I also have an art talent.

ill eat your refrigerator cause im hungry all the time.
unfortunately, im still underweight...

mmm also master procrastinator~

read something and never forget them. really useful at one time and gets anoyying ato other time. i could read my textbook and got good grades but when i read about a couple of nasty lyrics i remember them all year long and my friend doesnt like me like always.

look older than my age. as long as i don't speak :D
i just love my loli voice and adult tall and big body

I got a shiny starter once

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