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help with python (Thread)

There is not a toolbar for my python window. (toolbar as in- file, edit,format,run,options,windows)

i have a programming book. in this book it told me to download python 3. and so i did, however i opened the program and couldnt find the toolbar that was necessary for the following steps in the book. (this books copyright is 2009)

on i downloaded the 3.2.1 i did not download the x86-64 i downloaded the 86x msi. i did this because i was told x86-64 was not compatible with my machine.

ive navigated my way around much of its site and havent found a solution.

When I did some programming using Python I just used Notepad++ for my coding. I never needed a toolbar (There was one thing though, couldn't compile files to .exe, but they worked as python compiled files, so it was okay)

While I am sure I had a toolbar back in the days, I agree with @Trisak - use notepad++ for your coding. Save it as python file and it will highlight your syntax etc.
Much more comfortable, and in the end you only need to compile your work.

As in toolbar, you mean the little strip with "File, Edit, Debug, etc."? That's really weird...

Are you sure you opened the correct file? And if it still doesn't work at all, use notepad, although the shell and such in IDLE is much easier.

Programmer's Notepad is pretty good, recognises a fair amount of languages.

I use Notepad++ myself, but, it may be speaking of IDLE. If you are using IDLE, press "Alt", and it ought to bring up the window, if it is hidden. I hear that @glassx uses KomodoEdit, but I haven't used it myself.

I was hoping it would be that simple @acostoss but it did not work and as for the notebook++ I do not know what it is and i cannot use it because my book has workouts that use the toolbar. Im quite positive I can work around the toolbar BUT I wouldn't feel right leaving the problem unsolved and I dont want to complicate things. When your talking about the notebook -remember Im noob- are you referring to the typical notebook. My take is your saying to simply write my code in there and then save it as awesome. w/e ?righ? One last thing, it is my understanding that IDLE is editor and interpreter. I dont know how it is both but thats what Im being told. Thank you all for your help.

@animerz look above, I already linked notepad++, and google is your friend as well:

You have my permission to scold me. I apologize. Thank you for the reminder.

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