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1,925 Signs of Service! (Thread)

Read this, it'll explain the event.

You may be distracted by the whole fraternity thing, but don't worry. It's a co-ed service fraternity I'm involved with on campus. They're really good people dedicated to service and I want to participate in this event.

That's when I thought, let's actually do something. As colorless. I know we talk about service projects in the colorless rather often, but I don't see them happening often. I propose that we all do some kind of service, post the pictures to prove that it happened, then post it as a group. We can have the colorless account do it, or I can just post it and give you all the credit.

Let me know what you think. If we're lucky, maybe we can get some badges for those who participate. Post your service/charity pictures here, and let's get the name 'Colorless' out in the world!

I'm still waiting on the okay for colorless to participate, but I'm hopeful. Before we lay down any plans, let's wait a bit.

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