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Get to Know Colorless Members {Cellphone Thread} (Thread)

As I've noticed (and read), Colorless Members, Mods and Admins alike are tying their best to get Colorless a closer and more productive community so I hope this thread brings more members together and hopefully just have some fun.

On to the thread!!

Colorless Users!!!

From telegraphs, to messenger pigeons, from the Morse Code, to caveman shouting, we, humans, long to communicate and connect with either one another or to more ethereal beings.

And what better way to "communicate" with Colorless Members than through your cell phones!!

Take a pic of your personalized phone and post it along with your reply to this thread. Of course, blur or edit parts like SIM Cards or personal numbers or brands if you're not comfortable about showing them online.

Have fun!

My phone:

Yeah it may be old (and if someone calls you, he/she can't hear you talk) but at least I can receive texts and it's a dual-SIM phone!!! :D

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