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Durarara airing on Adult Swim (Thread)

Obviously it'll be the dubbed eps but hey it's a good chance for people to see it if they can't afford the dvds : D

I'm oddly excited for this...

I really hope they'll put Durarara!! on Adult Swim. Escpecially on AniMonday on the SCIFI channel.

@Anemone1 did you read the article? it's going to be on adult swim in june D;

@DSP: Oh,well, they would've had the preview of Durarara!! being on Adult Swim then. If they already did, I am really late on knowing this.

I may just watch AS again now because of this.

@Hierophant: Yeah, I don't watch Adult Swim as much because they don't have any good anime showing except Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood. But it'll be more interesting if they'll have Durarara!!

@Hierophant. do you possibly have the link to Persona webcomic? I see your avatar o_o...

p.s. RyiuGamimae koon <- read this in english accent. oh god.

:D I'm excited!!!

I weep whenever an anime gets dubbed......

joy to the world! the anime relm of durarara shall expand and conqure!

i didnt think that durarara would be adult swimm ;__; i thought it was more of a teenage thing, not an adult confused!


Cause Bleach is very adult huh? I think the criteria for Adult Swim anime isn't that it has to be Adult. I think at this point, it just has to be anime since it isn't airing on Cartoon Network period but it has to have some degree of bloodiness that wouldn't normally be allowed on regular Cartoon Network hours.

@KibaKiba ya, that makes sense :) i dont really have adult swim so i dont know the criteria. but bleach isnt very adult swim at all XD sorry

I wish it wouldn't be dubbed thought. I don't like dubs. v.v
but hey. At least DRRR!! will be there, eh? -sigh-
Oh no~! Maybe they'll remove the name calling and cursing with lame words like they usually do~! D:

You do know the dvds are available for purchase with your pure uncut language and fully available in japanese. The reason why anime is on tv in the first place is because it's a giant commercial for the dvds. If you want to show your support for Durarara!!, then go for them.

i agree with kiba lol

@9mm, the comic on Hiimdaisy's livejournal.

In my country... WHY Y NO HAVE ADULT SWIM?! Q_Q

OH NO~! -pats back-

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