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I-Spy (Thread)

Okay, so I came up with this awhile ago but forgot all about it. IN this game someone says "I spy" and then something. The next person has to find a picture of it. For example, I spy some dancing birds. Now here's a picture,

I'll start
I spy... a wet dog in a hat.

I octopus with nun-chucks,r:6,s:0&biw=1280&bih=685

I spy an albino anime boy who is NOT Hollow Ichigo or Xerxes Break. (And no the picture can't just be black and white)

I spy a teenage Yandere!
Queen of Yanderes. Right there.

I spy a kid masochist.
I couldn't find the right picture but when she meets Ichigo she says that she's a masochist.

I spy a a balloon animal photobomb.

'I Spy Le Hideyoshi in Gym Suit'


... YEA.

I spy neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon, the finest version of them all.

I spy Light Yagami being mentally insane.

I spy a giant chocolate wedding cake.

I spy a bacon dispenser.

I spy an angry loli

I spy a cat smiling like this =3

I spy myself.


The Narcissistic sign painter

I spy an evil monkey.

I Spy Kuroba_loki's IRL Photo

have fun searching it


The mischievous Sign Painter

@Shisengumi: ... I don't like you.

I spy a dumbass

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!! I spy a don't hang signs sign.

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