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Where we Stand, and our Future (Thread)

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As you may or may not know by now, we've gone through a couple changes. For one, the first, and possibly most obvious one, is that I am now Admin of the site. With recent drama, Gargron no longer feels as if he ought to be the Admin. As such, I offered my services as such.

You needn't fret, though. Gargron is still around, and is still actively working as Dev on the site. He will, sadly, only be acting as such, working on the site itself, not the actual direction of the site. That is not to say that the site's theme or direction will really change that much, only that there will be a new figurehead for the time being.

So, what can you expect?

First, more transparency. Unless something MUST be kept under wraps, I plan on announcing it, in a variety of forms, including The Colorless's Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Colorcast, and the status panel in the sidebar.

Second, a more visible admin. I do not plan on being hard to reach. I have always been easy to reach through PM, Twitter, and Facebook. I am often in /main chat, though during late hours, and am constantly on Skype. If I am not available, leave me a message, and I'll reply soon enough~

Third, more listening to the users, and putting them first. It has always been my personal view, when running a community or service, that the users make the choices, I enable them. If I can do it, it will be done. If I cannot, I will attempt to find a way to make it happen. As such, feel free to voice your recommendations, I'd love to hear them. It's always better to get the sides of many people, before reaching a decision.

Finally, a reinvigoration of our ideals, and spirits, tailored for the new userbase. Sites do mature, and morph, and need to rise to meet the occasion, whilst making as many users happy as possible. It is my wish to do this, but I would love input on this. As I said, I am an enabler, I work for you. I am not about to make rash decisions without asking you, the users, first.
Basically, this is my commencement speech~

Now, onto business:

How would you like the site to be run? What cool things would you like, if the form of contests, rewards, etc? Do you have any questions? Might I please have your thoughts on this admittedly sudden change?

Also, if you need to contact me, you can use the links in this post, or the ones to the right. Both work, and lead to the same place.

cl.png fbpinku.png twitter.png


Zeon, Colorless V3, etc

And, lucky you guys, you get to see some pre-release screen shots of Zeon as a WIP!
-redacted, will be replaced when I have access to a computer-

Well, how is this site different from the current CL, outside of a redesign?

Quite a bit, actually. First, the software running TheColorless is going to be released as Open Source, for anyone to use. What this means is that it will be free as in beer, free as in freedom. Anyone can edit it, and rereleased as a mod, or a new software, and it will not cost anything to use.

Along with this, all sites that use The Colorless's software, named "Zeon", will all be "federated". This means that they will be talking with each other, as one.

Confused? Maybe an example with work:

I am running a server, running Zeon, as is @Gargron. Now, if I follow/friend @n1xx on my server running Zeon, I will see her activity on ALL sites running Zeon, such as @Gargron's, on my dashboard. That is to say, if she makes a thread on @Gargron's site, I will be able to see in my dashboard, or notifications area, what thread she posted ,and where. From there, I can go to the site, and read the thread and reply. I will also see all updates to my threads on ALL sites running Zeon, on my dashboard on ANY of those sites.

If hope this explanation makes sense. If not, I can try to expand upon it a little, and answer any questions on it.

I've read this all... I can say, THANK YOU! For taking care of us, for listening us. ^^

Congrats x3 & . . . Well, ma unique petition if u can maximize the characters that we can write in chat to 200 for example, for can share links a little bigger ^_^

It really is no problem at all, it's always been how I approached moderating, and I feel that it's the correct way to approach administration.

The problem with the links is actually an anti-spam measure. I will speak with Gargron on possibly getting the filter tweaked. Until then, please use services like,, or to shorten links.

Ooook, dont worry, Thx ^_^

Congrats momo!!!!! Best of luck with the site!

I know you'll do great, and you have tons of support I am sure. You have mine, though I daresay you know that ^_^.

@Gargron Thanks for making this site, and it was a big decision I know to hand things over, but I am proud of what you have done so far XD

More updates, info on V3 of TheColorless, in the opening post~


Despite the drama that has happened, as our other members reported who know of this matter beforehand... This wouldn't have happened, the site I mean, without the perseverance, talent and time done by @Gargron. As all things, handing it over to someone competent is the right thing. I'm not saying he isn't but with the overwhelming pressure of the world we know as "reality" this haven of ours must live on.

Seeing the skills of the other members, I think it is just proper; as what @Shirosuke mentioned, for handing over the key for the better of the rest of the members.

wooaaah su...SUUGGE °__°

I am really new to this site, so I really don't what happened, but I can say that I really enjoy being here and am happy that there is somebody dedicated as much as you are @acostoss!
If you need any help in programming I more than happy to help, as I now have 4 months of vacation coming up :D

Despite the drama of yesterday I didn't feel as if the site would change so much, but now that the person I admire is seemingly gone I feel that change is really happening.
All to the best, the worst, or the mundane.
I wish you luck with what you will be doing.

Alright acostoss, good luck with bossing around! I hope you won't get tired of it too soon. Being a boss can be hard.

I'm looking forward to the v3 update and I really hope we can all be friends. Dev's, admins, moderators and users.
Like one big fucked up family.

Congrats, after seeing all the stuff about this before the change through threads and twitter I'm just happy that something was settled on. Also I can't wait until V3 comes out it looks amazing.

Yo, had to redact the pictures, due to them being old, and revealing the current test site, will have more up later tonight, when I get home from work, tonight.

Same holds true for questions and concerns. Sorry, my day job, and livlihood, take precedence. I'll lurking/posting on my break, at least.

Congratulations on becoming administrator! You'll be great!


I've been lurking in here for a while now. I'm looking forward to the new changes that you'll be bringing. GL!

Hey, congrats, @acostoss! You'll do a great job!

Congrats and try not to overwork yourself @acostoss!

Congrats @actostoss. I said I would have words, but I really don't. This what was discussed and there really isn't anything surprising. The idea for Zeon is interesting, I'm curious how well it well work. To release the source for a website as open source is interesting. However Colorless will need to be vastly more popular for other sites to be running it, and for that feature to be of any real use.

As such, I take it you have some plans to increase our popularity? I mean, having the adult swim run of DRRR will help, but will we do anything beyond that?

I'm looking forward to this!! XD

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