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Where we Stand, and our Future (Thread) - Page 3

@acostoss Ehh, I'm sorry if I have offended you, but I was just thinking that you have become even more maturer (if that is a word). I'm sorry if I worded that wrong.

'Grats to @Acostoss in taking charge as admin. I'll really be looking forward to see how things turn out from here on in.


No need to appologize, I just made that out of jest. I guess the crying face ( ;w;) didn't properly convey that. Sorry about that. Thank you for the kind words, and don't think you need to appologize. If you have any suggestions, comments, etc, please, feel free to tell me~

Haha nice job @Acostoss, but that profile pic will eternally put me off :P
Hats off to @Gargron for all his support leading Colourless though. It will be interesting to see what happens now.

One of my concerns is that now with Gar and Glassx gone the site is too much for one person alone. Gar did a good job, he did have his faults, however I can understand to a set degree why he left his post due to the amount of flak he copped from those who felt they could do a better job but had no idea how to even create a site like the colorless.

I don't doubt your knowledge or capability of running such a post, however maybe the task should be taken on by at least 2 people who have similar ideas and can maintain the website. With the size of the colorless as it is I have the feeling that it is more then a 1 person band now.


Oh, I seem to not have been clear enough. Gargron is still around, and does the coding work, as the Dev. I just run the site itself, with the mods.

At this time, we are also looking for a new dev, to help code Zeon, the software that TheColorless will be running on. If anyone knows someone that has good knowledge of Ruby, especially with the Sinatra framework, please, have them contact me.

I'm away for a day or so and this happens. Pretty FABULOUS speach!

actually, you DID miss the most fun part 8D

Anyway, people, get used to abandoning DRRR forever


Congrats @acostoss, I've known you long enough to say that you're going to be a trustworthy admin.


Anyway, people, get used to abandoning DRRR forever

I agree that we should do this, but with all the new people that arrive and definently when it airs on cartoon network, I feel like that would be extremly hard or even close to impossible.

Yup, exactly, @astrogaijin. It's a move that lacks thought.

@gargron that is basically the gist if what I mean. If someone is always going to connect us to the dollars or Durarara, it would be impossible to get the image that we are "just like" the dollars out of peoples minds.

Ah, so this sort of thing happens when I'm not here for a while...

@Gargron, thank you for all your previous hard work~ (=^_^=)

@Acostoss, I look forward to having you run the site. ^^

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