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Gargron Appreciation Thread (Thread)

Going through custody battles have taught me something. Even if stuff happens between you and your parent/admin, there is still a level or respect and love you should show them. A lot of people got angry last night, said some stuff, shit happened, etc. If you were there, you know what happened.

Now Gar is no longer our main admin, and has demoted himself to Dev. However, he is still part of our community. He is also still the person who started Colorless. We owe a lot to him, even if we didn't agree with how he ran the site as of recent.

So thank you. For the dedication you have shown over the years and the various tasks you have taken on. It's hard to tell who contributed what, but colorless is your initial creation. And for that, and for this community, I say thank you.

We love you (in a brotherly parental way), or at least many of us do. You may have your flaws, but we all do. When it comes right down to it, the fact that you tried means a lot.

If it wasn't obvious, btw, you all should post your own similar opinions here. Let Gargron know that he still has our love, even if he has stepped down from his admin status.


Thanks Gargron for creating this community.

Although I didn't like you all that much. I think you at least deserve this thread because you are the creator after all.

I love @Gargron, nogay.

it takes a lot of work to start and run a site as great as the colorless.
thank you :]

Yep thanks and to think one random link guided me to this wonderful place. I've said it before and i'll say it again! I respect @Gargron and thank him for creating this place I frequent during all hours of the day and night. So yea I'm going to sleep now.

Thanks for all your hard work! ^^

yea. to be honest @Gargron had to take load of bullshit from the community since day 1
every now and then there are threads/people complain about how things being run around here, every time he invest his own time and effort to change something on the site, someone WILL complain saying "omg it's shit, revert it's back! i don't liek it!!11!"
Just think for a fucking moment, how would you feel if you put effort in making something really nice to someone, and then that person turn around and throw it at your face, saying it's horrible and they don't want it
it's a load of bullshit.
people don't seems to understand that HE was the one who put all this together
HE was the one who put all the effort in to write the code for the website
HE was the one who pay the bill for this site to be running
YOU have the chance to meet people, to voice your opinions, to "complain" is thanks to him and his effort in the first place!
It has been a year since we started and what did @Gargron get in return of his effort and money ? More complains ? brilliant!

I'm not saying all but some people are a bunch of ungrateful bastards. Screw them.

to @Gargron I don't know what happened yesterday, nor do I interested, I'm just saying that regardless of the matter, i taking your side. Call me blind if you like, i don't care, that's just how i treat people who I grateful and respect. Thank you, for the effort during the past year, really appreciate it. And now let's see how people running the site without you.

@Jin_sama said most of what is needed XD

But I will add: Nekoboy, thank you.

Completely agree with @Jin_sama.

Thanks for all your hard work @Gargron!

Jin's right. Gargron endured a lot...and a sh*tload of demands and complaints and he always responded in a decent manner, with a normal tone.
For everything you did...I salute you.

@Jin-sama stated the truth. I thank you for doing all that you have done, since without you none of this would be possiable. This has to be the greatest online community that I have ever seen and it's all thanks to you. Inspite of current and past events I think you are a great person for doing this.
Also, with everything that's been going on I plan to become more active and helpful around here once my finals are over in a week.

That @Gargron . . . He's a cool guy.

So, Gargron ragequit? I know he have been bad at taking criticism before, but really, did he quit for that?
Then I don't mean criticism like, "desu desu there is no fuckin' pm system like tha real drrr animu.. dickheadgetlost. cuntdesu1!!11oneone1111!!"
I mean real criticism, serious criticism, that the current mods, and other user have been throwing at him.
And there is rumors, some to be confirmed true, and some not. About Gar just wanting to make money of the site, and users bribing themselves to become mods, and issues between Gar and glassx.
And at some issues, and complains that have been coming up he have handled them like an immature child, I'm not saying that he have been handling all of the issues like that, there is times he where he have acted calm and mature.
Gar did do some great things, and some bad. I'm thankful for the great things he had done to the community, though.

And this is what I've heard, a rumor, don't blame me, Glassx got banned, Acostoss now rules this shit, glassx and NGH tried to overrule, and blah blahgarmustbegayblah gossip gossip blah blah.

Now when Gar is gone, its time for Chou to take her plan in action, and turn this community into a nazi dictatorship. And fuck everyone over.
No not really.

Here! Here! Gargron deserves our rabu and support! Without him, none of us would be here! So I give him a round of applause, as one of the most under-appreciated admins I've ever known. <3

I think @Gargron is a pretty cool guy. Eh makes websites and not afraid of anything

Um... we already have a thread like this:
even their names are the same :D

Well, Gar, I must say that we've never really talked much before, but lurking on main gave me a really bad first impression of you despite being the admin and all. Nevertheless, you -did- make a site that brought me allowed to meet a certain group of friends, and for that I'll have to thank you. Keep it real, yo.

P.S. Good luck with your love life too. XD

I can't quite find the best I'd like to state my appreciation with, so I guess I'll just say that Gargron, I still think you are amazing, I still admire you and I think I'll still idolize you for quite a while.

Despite the fact that there are two Gargron Appreciation Threads I think that's fine, it's just like double the appreciation, past and present.

The reason I made the thread was in response to all the drama. I feel like we needed to counteract it, and state our appreciation despite the recent drama llama stampede.

Yaaay Gargron!

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