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Gargron Appreciation Thread (Thread) - Page 2

@Gar, I miss you already. I hate those kind of people who you had to take bullshit from. I wish there was some way we can keep them out of this site, but that is entirely difficult. But like what @Chou said, you had to take a lot of it from those assholes on the net. I don't really like the development in this story of colorless. I can only wish I could do anything to make you rethink of your decision.

These are for you buddy, you're doing a good job.

The fucker went and stopped being an admin?! >:( Meh Gargron
But I still love ya.

@hyzengard you seem to miss the point that this 'bullshit' wasn't entirely uncalled for and Gar brought most of it upon himself, but that's a different story.
I just hate to see how black or white people think. The story has more than one side, start considering both.

didnt we already have a thread for gargron apreciation? im petty sure..

as said on the first page, @break.

kinda ironic... the thread about the reasons of the ragequit got killed, and only this side is left...

@darkChaplain hrmhm. well, dunno what to do about it...

Well I don't know what to think about this kind of policity as well, this is kind of some bad joke isn't it?
He should already know that we kind of appreciate it what he and glassx have done by visiting this site. So it's kinda pointless to do something like that in my eyes, especially when there is already a thread like this here.

plus... no other forum I've been to does unnecessary things like this, something like this is just mere childsplay and flummeries. Sorry if this seems kinda heartless but... I just don't see the point, that's all.

thx for this community 'n stuff

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