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Marching Band anyone? (Thread)

Should Marching Band Be a Sport?


I noticed that no one gives credit to one of the most amazing musical organizations ever.

Marching Band!

If you were ever in a marching band, like a certain school or marching band, or have any videos that you'd like to share, here is the place to be. :D

Personally, I was on the drumline. I played top bass my junior year, and snare my senior year. Here is our show from 2009, and my senior year, our best year since we got a new band director (and personally my favorite).

I'm the short snare player on the right. = u=

And this is me on my snare~
So anyway, like I said, post your instrument, videos, anything you like about marching band. :D

I'm in a marching band! Don't have any photos or videos, but I play the mallets. I love your awesome outfit- we're quite a small marching band and we aren't associated with a school or anything. It's fun though, marching and having to be in step and play the right notes all at once- so much co-ordination!

Got your school~
now knows your general location

@Kubinashi-Rider Mallets, niiiiiiiiice~ you're a percussionist, too? :D

So your organization is like something like Black Fire Percussion, I'm guessing? They're not really a marching band, like official, but they do play drums.

@InsaneBoredGame It's not really a surprise, I live in Woodbridge, Va. xD

Man, I was in marching band when I was in high school. I was in color guard (but I was a Clarinet during concert season), man sometimes I miss it.

@Stormkun My ex-girlfriend (the only white girl above) was in color guard. xD

Okay, discussion topic:

Should marching band be considered a sport?

I'll add a poll, and give me your reasons why or why not.

I personally think so, because, well. Define sport. Now add music to that. There you have it. Marching band.

I never though of this but it's a great idea. Come on, if racing cars is a sport the marching band should be too!!! a marching band can be intense :o

@Agitation Oh my friend, intense doesn't even begin to sum it up.


Bass guitar!!!! I win!!
Just wish I had more people to play with... I guess that's one bonus of a marching band, you don't have to look for people to play with.

I noticed while reading this that the poll is starting to lean towards the 'No' section.

Want to explain, people? Give me good, valid reason why marching band should not be a sport.

Well I said "no" because I feel it's more of a dance and rythm activity. This makes me feel that it should be preformance rather than a sport, because dancing is more preformance oriented. I don't consider preformance a sport. Sports I know have two teams physically competing, where their is an idea on routine, but it's not a set routine. It's not a show, because you have many options at every point of a game. Marching band is a show, and yes you can have different shows, but it's always a set routine. I feel like marching bands should be able to compete though.

I kinda hated Marching Band, I was originally gonna play a snare but they changed me to pit to play the KEYBOARD. JUST BECAUSE THEIR KEYBOARDIST QUIT. And I couldn't hit anything and I didn't have any fun, the only friend I really made was the other person who got stuck in pit with me.

But yes it is a sport, why? BAND CAMP thats why. Seriously, with all the work you put into marching band it is a sport you compete against others, marching forever on and on(in the hot summer sun when its 100 degrees), and requires physical skill to lug everything around.

@Viral Snare. Yes. I love you. <3

@Kuru LOLWUT. Dance and rhythm activity?

Let me define sport. A sport is an organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means.

Marching band:

Organized? Check. We have schools and organizations around the nation, if not worldwide, that have marching bands.

Competitive? Oh yes. Competition is basically what the entire basis of marching band season is about. All that work out on the blacktop is for that moment in competition when you go out there and leave it all on the field.

Entertaining? Hah, do I even need to explain this one?

Skillful activity? Marching band requires tremendous amounts of physical and mental prowess, whether it's playing, marching, or hell, just physical training in general.

Requiring commitment? If you're in marching band, you know damn well you're not gonna be late for anything. And you're gonna see it through till the end of the season.

Strategy? Well, I wouldn't know about making drill, but yeah, it takes a lot to try and mesh this whole marching and playing thing together in order to get the highest points possible.

Fair play? I think sabotage is unfair. xD

A winner defined by objective means? Pretty much the end of a competition, where you place is whether or not you "win" or not.

@Taiphlosion Your right, I didn't look up the definition for sport, I just went off the top of my head. If that's the case than it can be.

Kuru not Kuin.

@Kuru Sorry, I keep getting mixed up. xD

And yeah, watch that video, too, so you can see firsthand how much work us drumline people do. =A=

I played flute in my high school marching band for four years. I'm not very good at the flute so I don't know whether I'll continue in college, but I loved it :) I met just about all my friends through band, and we had so many good times. And I think it could be considered a sport because it is pretty intense... especially during attention drills. :P

@Taiphlosion I did watch that video before, and I was suprised how much work is needed.

@Ookami-chan (a.k.a. wolf) If your enjoy it, then keep playing. I just recently started bass guitar; but i've found it really fun already, and practice for 2-3 hours a day. I don't know if I'm much good; I don't mind though, because I look foward to it.

@Ookami-chan Keep doing it in college. It is so much more intense, and the atmosphere is just ridiculous...I want to, but I sadly can't because I'm not in college at the moment. D:

It was THE most fun I've ever done in high school, and nothing topped being a Virginia Honor Band. OH YESSSSSSS.

Marching band is most definitely a sport XD I did colorguard last year and for this upcoming year's marching band show I will be trying out marching the clarinet~

This is my school's marching band show from 2009 ~

This is our drumline

And this is a picture of our colorguard with me in the front rocking out my tan :)
And I'm pretty sure in my show when we were jazz running backwards while tossing a flag at 200 beats per minute, surpasses the requirements for an activity to be considered a sport.

@xuxarox Your band is huuuuuuuuuuuge. What class are you in? Looks like AA to me. o:

Maybe AAA?

Your color guard is massive.. xD

But your drumline is DIRTY. D:<

/is critiquing things while watching xD

I hardly hear the snares, and basses are very dirty. D: Maybe it's where I am, or my headphones, but they sound muddy. <<;

You guys look like you have put some srsbzns into your drill, and I like. :D I guess it's cause you have a bigger band you can do a lot more, and I think that if we had a larger band (and more money) we could've done more as well. = 3=


I like your drumline. A little dirty, and stick heights on the snares made me want to shout "STICK HEIGHTS", but I keep forgetting they're not freaking DCI. =w=;;

That's so cool, and you're from NC, which is like a state away from me. :D

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