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Should Marching Band Be a Sport?


Ahaha, our 2010 marching band was a class AAAA, and it's grotesquely growing D: The show from 2009 was probably an AAA.

It's actually amazing because our high school was only built 5 years ago so it's incredible how fast our band grew to this grotesque unhealthy size ahaha ><"

You know way more about drumline than I do, so I take your word for it :) Tho that drumline vid was from 2008 when our high school was only 3 years old, I guess they got better...I think >.>

Oh, so we have about 15 kids from our band doing DCI so our whole band is going to watch their performances a week before they go to finals ~

Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn that's HUGE. Like, there was only one AAAA band in the competition that we went to every year...and they always won. -____-;

Our band is A. xD So small...but we were really, really good. :D

Wow, that's so cool...I wish I could do DCI but I'm not that great a snare drummer imo. :/

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