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The OTP Shrine (Revived) (Thread)

Who tops?


Even in the Depths of Hell, true love always manages to find its way. And we here at Colorless support the two souls caught in its burning grip among the passionate flames.

Until @Maudia deleted the thread.

Is reviving this thread which spreads to everyone the pairing known as TaiphlosionxMu. SIGN UP TO BE A SHRINE MAIDEN NOW!

Head Priest(ess):
@Maudia For actually creating this thread

Perverted Old Priest:

Shrine Maidens (Men can be maidens too):

The Shrine GARden:

Kill this thread, with fire.

I enjoy this, please sign me up~

........ I join.

I enjoy Mu being the uke in this pairing. :D

May I be a Shrine Maiden?~ <3

I support seeing @n1xx in a shrine maiden outfit...nothing more.

I'm all in.
Taiphlosion x Mu is canon.

now that is one way to put all those ...passionate flames of... love/hate.
Hmm dunno if I would look good in a Shrine Maiden dress .. probably not but it sounds fun nonetheless. xD

I approve of @Alkaid, @n1xx and @candytenshi as shrine maidens.

btw, Tai and Mu are so damn tsun for each other, yet they share everything <3 love, hate and even the kicks!

Saw myself being called here again. I'll look like a kid in red hakama. D: Shrine kid. ^_^

Hmm, seems interesting.. and amusing, I suppose. What else can I say? xD

shrine kiddo is cute :3 and I want dat Shrine Maiden dress for you, that's why I called xD

@DarkChaplain Let me see if I still have it in my closet then. xD

...hahahaha, he's also a maiden. xD

This pairing. It makes me shed a tear.
I'll be a shrine maiden~

this is sad....

dis thread should be stickied...

JOIN PEOPLE, JOIN. We need more shrine maids. Maidens. People.

lol, nice

Joining. So joining.


awwwww cute :D
count me in~ :3

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