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The OTP Shrine (Revived) (Thread) - Page 5

Who tops?


...u mad bro? 8D

point still stands:
Mu x Tai is canon.

One more to go. Come at me bro.

Ahh, the air of spring time love wafts into colorless!
I do like the uke's tsundere though, makes the yaoi in the end all the more worth it.

So Tai left. Now this pairing can't happen anymore. I'm sad about this.

@Jacek No, our efforts must be redoubled even though one of the lovers lies in Vaguely Somewhat Eternal Sleep. We must make sure that this fleeting glimpse of True Love stays in our hearts and minds forever!
We must must continue for @Taiplosion's sake. FOR TAI!

@InsaneBoredGame. Yes, we must carry on. Viva la Tai!

Hey-Hey Fans!

Anyone still rooting? 8D

Always. As long as my shrine maidens do their daily jumping jacks.

jumping jacks are really exhausting, especially in a maid dress, which doesn't suit me at all, but I'm still giving my best! :D

Tai x Mu banzai! xD

Well, you could always do toe touches.

ah that's a good idea! Thanks perverted Priest! :3
*stretching exercise*

Oh, thank you.

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