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Does Eating Sugar Before a Test Really Help? (Thread)

I've heard this before and considering I have finals this week I need all the help that I can get. Do you guys know?

I dunno about a sugar rush but rumors before in relation to math that eating peanuts help stimulate your math skills.

Don't know, but just drink a good cup of coffee with sugar and you won't feel too tired during the tests, just don't drink too much (some people may feel more nervous than they should be if they do).

I have never heard of this, and honestly I think you'll just crash half way through the test.

@IIEarlGreyII that's why you need to mix with caffeine by drinking either coffee or a good black tea :)

Nix the coffee and i'm in.

Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt. However, what you really want, are berries and chocolate. Anti-oxidants galore and most berries will also provide vitamins and nutrients and whatever else. Eat a medium sized lunch/breakfast prior. Know how much makes you full and eat a little bit less then that. Enough to give you energy, but not so much that your digestive track requires more blood and makes you sleepy.

And as for chocolate, it has to be dark. My favorite for testing is 80% cocoa, but I like mine really bitter. You can't do much better than cocoa for antioxidants. Everything else is just a matter of balancing your intake. Some other good foods to try are:


Hope this helps!

There was this medicine they called "essence of chicken"/"Chicken Essence"
that was sold here before in my place, they said you have to drink it before you take an exam, but idk, it seems that it doesn't work since a friend of mine tried this before, but still he didn't get a passing grade on his math exam .____.

As for the sugar thing, this is the first time I've heard of it D:

I heard studying before an exam helps as well.

Sugar is good right before a test, that's why they usually give out mints before standardized tests (the mint improves brain function, too), but honestly the best thing to do is eat a good, balanced meal with plenty of protein and fiber to keep you focused.

never drink before the test, you'll want to pee, so you'll have to go to the toilet, this will shorten your test time and you'll fail it.

I like @One's response, personally. He beat me on this one.

Try drinking green tea.
That's the best, helps you study and has a little caffeine in it.

Ok, here's what I know.


CARBOHYDRATES gives energy to our BODY! HEAPS OF IT! It's the main thing that helps us live through the whole day. That's why BREAKFASt is the most important meal of the day, and your BREAKFASt must contain lot's of Carbohydrates! Ex: Bread, rice, pasta, "Sweets"(pastries~).

Ever went to school without eating breakfast? Yup, it sucked right?
SO eat your breakfast!

Not only will it FUEL your body, but also your MIND!! You need ENERGY for studying! Learning can't take place when your body is tired, so don't even try all nighters, unless you've slept the whole afternoon.

SLEEP is important as well, like what I've said, you will NEVER take-in any knowledge when you're tired as hell. So make sure you sleep at least 2 hours or more before studying.

Eat your breakfast like this:


I love epic meal time <3

'Kay thanks people. :)

The teachers give us mints for our state assessment. They said it makes you think better.

If you eat enough, it'll start tasting like salt.

I don't know about eating sugar, but I nap and drink coffee before I head out to take my tests in the morning.

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