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[not trolling]Philosophy and Real Life. (Thread)

here is a good example.

Philosophy: "Everyone must die. No need to feel sad." This is probably one of the most often mentioned Philosophy. And it is true. Death is equal to everyone. Just like how there is a start line, there is an end line for everyone. One can choose to give up in the middle, but if you run long enough you will find the finish line.

Real Life: Think of your mom in a hospital bed. And the doctors told your family she has cancer and she is going to die in a month. Can you say the same quote to yourself again? "Everyone must die. No need to feel sad." You tell the doctors to do everything they can, because you will pay no matter how expensive it is. But your mom tells you, "It's ok. It is too late for me now. So please, don't waste your money like that. Do what you want, get a wife and live your life." However, you just cannot let her go. You try to think logically; your mother is right. Spending money would be useless, but you are not exactly open minded enough to hope for a miracle. So what can you do?

It's easy. Be sad. It is your mother. She gave you birth and watched you grow. When you get hurt, she would feel the same pain you feel and when you stopped listening to her, it must have felt like she lost herself. You will probably feel more sadness than before and you will say this to yourself, "Only if..." But soon you realize, it is too late.

She will tell you one thing.

"I was happy to be your mother."

so yeah. stop kidding yourself and don't let some obscure statement affect your life. You can only tell yourself what to think.

The best philosophy is what you tell yourself at the rock bottom. Nothing is really profound, unless you experience it yourself.

That was insightful...and quite sad.

...are we supposed to debate that or something?

In my opinion, saying "Everyone must die. No need to feel sad" is pretty much saying the same thing as "Everyone must die, why even live if you know you're going to die in the end". In that case, we must ask ourselves what meaning there is to life.

I believe that people make their own meanings to their lives. It differs from person to person.

Then again, that's my opinion... also, it's not very "on topic" is it?

I just gave you an example. you can write any philosophy you want. but make sure to write how you can use that in real life.

Well, here's one thing:

"The world is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel."

Sadness is a part of life. The key to experience it, not be consumed by it. If someone close to you dies, you're sad. It's just one of those things. You remember the good times and bad; realize that you won't have any more of other with the person. If my girlfriend were to die, it would most likely break me.

However, it's that sad feeling that keeps us from dying, to keep on living, and treasure the moments we have. I know I can't protect my love every waking moment and at some point, one of us could die. So I don't hold back from her and do what I can in the present situation.

If an experience sucks, you should be learning from it. If a situation is good, you should revel in it.

Well, for me, if my mom was like that... I'd be both happy and sad for her at the same time.

I'll be sad cause, yeah, she'll die in a couple of days and she's my mom and there's nothing I can do for her and etc.

But I'll also be happy for her, because I know that she loved her life and lived it to the fullest, and also that, being her son, I know how much trouble I've been giving her. So it's like saying that she can have eternal rest and be free from all troubles including me.

Actually, yes. When my grandmother suffered from cancer, I openly expressed my thoughts on the matter, and it's exactly that. Death is inevitable, it happens to everyone, no big deal. It's not that I'm completely heartless, but death is one of the things I don't have anything against. And don't get me wrong, she was one of the most important people in my life. That didn't change anything.

@Yoshiya "The world is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel."

I like it. This is exactly why I want to repress all emotion nowadays. If you think and feel, it's absolutely depressing.

My thoughts and feelings are in harmony. I'm not an hypocritical philosopher.

this one comes from my grand mother:
"there are no need to give advices to anyone, the smart people doesn't need it, and the stupid ones doesn't get it"

this is truth, anybody gets the advices, just wen one is in the specific situation learns something, but we can't learn from advices.

another one:
"think anything you want, but think. and if that your are thinking is a stupid thinking, then god bless the stupidness"

there are no bigest pleasure in life than thinking, maybe you could say things like "the anime is biger pleasure" but just sttop and think about it a little, then you will realise, think is even bether.

Here's a good one on the subject.
"Why take life seriously? Nobody got out of it alive anyway."

"It's is not the destination, but the journey that matters" ^^

We're learning similar stuff in Society and Culture at school.
I studied Kohlberg and thought the Heinz Dilemma had a bit of philosophy behind it.
For those who don't know the Heinz Dilemma:
A European woman is dying at the hospital with an illness and the medicine she needs is sold by a man. The medicine is $2000 and the woman's husband only has $1000, half the amount of the value. So the husband steals the medicine and the question is - should the husband have done that? Why/Why not?

I have mixtures of views towards this.
Depending on the seriousness of the wife's condition and her feelings at that time, I think:

...a) if the wife was happy with her life, it was her fate to fall ill and possibly die, although that would be really unfair and sad...Also, her peaceful death (?) could leave some thinking for the husband like, "she really lived her life happily" or "I could support this type of medicine so that other patients could receive it in the future"

...b) if the wife was frustrated/depressed and in great pain, then I think the husband could be right for stealing it. However, I think he should acknowledge the man's medicine, I mean really, the man might be in the same situation with a sick family or something... And the husband should repay the money and maybe create a positive relationship with the man for selling the medicine. (Better than not selling it at the store)

There are many reasons why I might think this way, following with this theory of: "6 stages of Moral Development". If you're curious about it, I suggest you research it (not that hard really).

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