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The Scribblenauts (Thread)

Not many people know about them, but I think they are very good. They rap, but it's not the usual rap you would hear.


Check out some of their songs, the link in the description is to download the album, thats how I got it.

Let me know what you think.

I hate rap...sorry. I listened to it tho...unfortunately I hated

@TK-421 This is the only rap I like incidentally, but it's opinion. Thanks for responding.

I'm not a hip hop expert, but I dunno, something about the track seems off, dunno if it's because I've been listening to japanese rappers for a good number of years now but it doesn't feel like it flows all too well.

It's not particularly bad though, if anything it reminds me of a track from sonic adventure 2 which I really liked.

Nothing like Spose.

But, really, that song seems too normal. If you look into the groups that aren't that mainstream, hell, even some mainstream ones are awesome. Old Eminem is the shit. XD

@sonorez I understand the flow part, but I don't mind if it doesn't flow. That's probably why I like it more, thanks for your response.

@Decae Spose is halarious, and I like that song. I like old Eminem aswell. I've never heard any rap like this before, but I haven't looked to hard. I don't like mainstream rap, especially recent rap.

@Kuru: Mainstream starts to sound all the same after a while, and it never sticks to you. Probably because it's overkilled and appeals to only the masses, and not to the group that looks for it. Like how I love hardstyle, even though most others think it sounds like crap. But that genre is supposed to only appeal to those who look for it.

If you want to get into rap, make sure you listen to Tupac. The man is the king. There's also a very good group (you've probably heard of them) called Hollywood Undead. They have a fairly unique sound and have powerful lyrics in a lot of their songs.

@Decae I've been listening to Hollywood Undead for awhile now, love their music aswell. What I look more for in rap is lyrics, and passion. Most mainstream today is about how wealthy the person is, or partying; I don't care for that. I like Tupac aswell as BIG, mostly because they had REAL talent; and I was impressed by them.

As you said before "to each their own".

@Kuru: Yeah, too many talk solely about sex, drugs, partying, and the famous life. I love the real stuff that you can relate to, or simply songs that show something artistic in their poetry. Eminem actually has A LOT of great songs with great lyrics. Here's my favorite. Gave me chills first time I heard it:

@Kuru and Decae

There's TONS of GREAT Hip hop out there...but then again I'm a total hip hop junkie. If you're into The Scribblenauts, I suggest Aesop Rock, Atmosphere and maybe MC Doom. (These are all underground artists. Other really good artists are the Wu-Tang Clan, Salt n' Pepa, and Tupac. Those are all older stuff (80's/ 90's rap)).

There are still really good hip hop artist around today. It's just the shallow ones that get popular.

I suggest you check out one of the Black Eyed Peas' early albums like "Bridging the Gap" or "Behind the Front". (To be honest "Elephunk" and "Monkey Buisiness" were pretty alright but a lot of people don't like them.)

...I apologize, I got carried away.

I <3 HIP HOP. Represent.

@dullahan: Yeah, I'm more of a rock/hardstyle rep. I'm not too into rap, but I still enjoy it. >_<

@dullahan Thanks for the input, I'll check those artists out.

@Decae That Eminem song is good, very origional. Is he just reading fan letters?

Stan is just a story he decided to tell. He's not reading actual letters. He probably heard of a similar case involving another celebrity but the letters in Stan wasn't real and the events in the song were fictional. It was just Eminem being a good story-teller, something a lot of rappers fail to be. Most would rather be their own hype man.

@KibaKiba I see, it is a good story and I wasn't expecting the end. Kudos to Eminem.

I am not into genre but Hollywood Undead is freakin law in the matter of hardcore rap, ,,Young" ,,No.5" and ,,Undead" are awesome...the rest of rap artists...meh - not interesting.

@GMYui I agree for the most part, and feel that Hollywood Undead has their own sound.

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