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Art resources - Reference, tutorials, and other useful stuff (Thread) - Page 4

Thank you!
Is so useful to me :D

@Agitation : Inking? i just bold my pencil sketches with some drawing pen and rapidograph.. but, i broke my rapidograph pen off and i should collect my pocket money to buy it again.. anyway do you want me to make a tutorial video for you? :o

I would just like to say thank you, I already knew of a few of these tutorials (which had been more or less forgotten) but there are a lot here I have never even heard of. Also it's great it's all in one place which is easy to get to from my homepage (colorless) So yea. Appreciation here!

You'e welcome.
I'm glad its useful! :)

You're welcome, and thanks for the appreciation! :)

Fixed the typo in the title. Going to update with a few more links soon.

@ Chou i know a lot of people have said this so i'm going to say iy as well XD:

I would like to say that you have my utmost respect for making this thread. it's extremely useful.

would it be ok if i send you tutorial links for how to use different kinds of medians for art like block printing, spray paint, watercolours ect?:3

Yo, feel free to update with my personal autism resource list here.

You're welcome, and sure send me some links! :)

Totally adding your list to my list.

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