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By clicking on this thread you are here by agreeing to these rules. By seeing this thread in the main you are here by agreeing to these rules. By doing anything for,to etc to Colorless you are here by agreeing to these rules.

1: When VolkieVolks is present you must say " Good morning man who is better than Garcion " Bonus points if you say it in French.

2: When VolkieVolks is in chat he gets your attention till he says " Me no speakenz Engrish "

3: When VolkieVolks started to make a porno in the chat you must let him finish.

4: If VolkieVolks starts a hate thread you must join on his side, even if you are the one being hated.

5: If VolkieVolks calls you fat you must moo like a cow.

6: VolkieVolks becomes the prettiest boy/girl in the thread or area when present in the area or mind.

7: You must make a thread about VolkieVolks 3 times a week.

This is so unbelievably stupid...

I can do everything the thread. lolz


This thread is very good, but i shall not obey it.

Follow my rules.



hmm... let me think...

how about...


volkää.. first of, "by clicking on this thread you are hereby agreeing to these rules" is invalid. because thee is no info about it before clicking on the thread. your not leaving any choice, therefore its illegal. also, why do you keep speeling gargrons name wrong?

I suppose its to annoy people, just like all the other actions of volkie.

Garcion is Garcion and if you don't know me then you wouldn't know the meaning behind Garcion's name I give him. And well DERRRP that's the point.

Well I've always considered myself a rule-breaker

It's cool Kuin, me too

.... ehhh I'll think about that

This is.......
This is.........
This is booooriiiiiing.


Rules are made to be broken.

some of these rules scream "fun" to me... I might actually do some of these things just for the lulz once in a while 8D

Rules for the cult! Is no one joining that's why this thread had to be made? Sometimes you really just have to force people eh. :3

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