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[CLOSED] Moderator Applications (Thread)

Applications are now closed!

We are entering the next stage of the application process, that being the one where I weed out whom doesn't quite fit the bill, and pass the good applications onto the current mods, where they will filter out those whom they don't feel fit their criterion.

Hopefully, we'll be able to whittle down the 35 applications to 4-5 people. It does seem as if it will be hard though, as we got a lot of good applications.

LOL I want to apply, but I believe I don't have any of those qualities xD
good luck to the applicants :>

Aye. I'm on it.

I would but.
it's scary @_@
just being responsible for a toddler D:

Mod applications need to work like this:

94% of everyone who applies to be a mod is doing it on a whim or control/power issues, and doesn't get to be a mod. Or worse yet so they can go "oh yeah, like on that website I run, -cough- orhelprunwhatever" during their recess.

Everyone who doesn't want to be a mod is mature enough to understand the great burden and hard work required and should be forced into being a mod.....via loli's. Shackle them and put them to work in the topic mines, digging through the spams and duplicate topics.

Application sent, it was long, but either way I wanna help out CL.

I'd like to point out that even if you'd like to do the job NOW, you should all consider if you wanna do it for the next few months, for who knows how long.

No need to apply right away. Think about it for a day or two, consider this whole thing.
Do you want the responsibility? Devote your free time not only for chatting for fun, but actual moderating?
Do you want to take the role of being one the people may turn to?

Please, don't hurt yourself by being to quick with your decision. It might not only hurt you, but also the community after all..

I'd think about it but since this I'd the summer before my senior year I am going to be very busy with college stuff and I doubt I'll have time. Also I have no experience and know nothing about computer programing stuff. I'll help with anything you ask of me and I'll do it to the best of my ability. But though I don't think at the moment I have the ability to become one. But it's great your looking for new ones.

Is wondering why @VolkieVolks isn't here yet~

I will apply because I think it would be something interesting <3
haha pretty sure Im not gonna get it but I'll try~!!!((:

I sent my application. God knows I have enough free time to devote to this site, and it will be good for me if I become a mod.

I would love to but I have school coming up soon. >.>; I really want to focus on my academics this year, but I'll try.

Lmao, I'm sorry if I just sent you a wall of text now Momo with horrible English.

So I applied...some hours..maybe 40 minutes ago...for @Nandaba...
I KID <3

but I still recommend his ass

Good luck, to all of you who applied. I hope you will be a GOOD mod.

Edit: happy, im already a staff member and in humans.txt

Alright, first, I'd like to say that I absolutely love some of the applications that I am getting, and will be hard pressed to find whom I'd like to take on board.

That being said, there will be multiple stages to this, with different questions. It won't be anything drastic, just weeding out whom we really think will be great for the community, and will work hard.

I WANNA BE A MOD CUZ GREEEEEN IS MY FAVORITE COLOR AND I WANT A GREEN NAME! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!! !! !! ! ! ! !!! !! !! XP lol


Just color her name red. Or blue. But don't give any rights above those of normal users. C'mon, giving people heart attacks sure could be funny D:

I vote for Lumiex. Cause I'm biased like that.

I vote for myself, cause i love myself.

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